Making the Cut winning looks: Which looks were your favorites?

As Making the Cut prepares to announce the next big global fashion brand, it is time to look back at the Making the Cut winning looks from the season.

One of the unique aspects to the Amazon Prime fashion show was that the Making the Cut winning looks were immediately available in the Amazon Making the Cut store. In many cases, these winning looks sold out in a matter of hours. With prices of $100 or less, it was the opportunity that fashionistas craved. On trend, fashion forward looks were becoming part of their fashion closet.

Looking back at all the Making the Cut winning looks shows that fashion choices that break through the noise often vary. Even if a person has a particular style or preference, a new direction, option or look can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Many people saw Making the Cut as a opportunity to put a fresh spin on their closet collection.

Since all of the designers had their signature point of view, the winning looks were quite varied. From Ester’s black rainbow to Jonny’s edgy chic, many of the looks transcended labels. With every look considered accessible, it shows that fashion is an expression of the person wearing it.

Here are Culturess’ ranking of the Making the Cut winning looks. Keep scrolling to see our favorite look of the season.

Episode 7: Jonny’s Jumpsuit

For many people, a jumpsuit is a versatile wardrobe staple. Jonny’s version has a little Japanese edge with an effortless style. Whether styled with sneakers or dressed up with a pair of boots, this jumpsuit set a new tone for your style closet.

Episode 6: Sander’s Skirt Set

Known as Sander’s t-shirt, this idea proved that the artistic can meet accessible. By finding the balance between his two worlds, Sander set himself apart in the field. Even if you just had the shirt, you could open a whole new style world in your closet.

Episode 5: Rinat’s Reversible Wrap Coat

For her winning look, Rinat brought out of the middle with a huge statement. This bold print combination will get heads turning. While the shape is classic, the details set it apart.

Episode 2: Ester’s Vest and Skinny Pants

Another one of Ester’s looks has many possibilities. While her styling in this episode might be more fashion forward than the average woman, the two separates have many possibilities. You could pair the vest with jeans.

Episode 2 (bonus look) : Ji’s White Mini Dress

Ji’s bonus look of the Making the Cut winning looks was this streetwear inspired white dress. This white dress is perfect for any body type. Depending on how it is styled, the dress could be a fun daytime look or a chic date night option.

Episode 1: Ester’s Black V-Neck Dress

Ester’s little black dress in the first episode gave a glimpse into her black rainbow. The dress is effortless and chic. From date night to the office, this dress will never go out of style.

Episode 4: Jonny’s Stripped Midi Dress

While Jonny might have referred to this look as his Beetlejuice inspired look, this dress was a turning point in the competition. It is the perfect blend of edgy and soft. Whether worn on its own or under a leather jacket, it will get heads turning.

Episode 8: Ester’s Chiffon Blouse and Tuxedo Pants

The final winning look before the finale, these separates offer a new take on a wardrobe staple. The shape and movement of the chiffon blouse sets a new trend. And, everyone needs a good pair of tuxedo pants in her closet.

Episode 3: Sabato and Sander’s Coat Dress

Probably one of the most dramatic runway moments of the season was this winning look from Sabato and Sander. Every woman would love to have that skirt flowing behind her as she makes an entrance.

Looking back at all the Making the Cut winning looks shows that fashion and style can transcend labels. From Paris to Japan to New York City to even middle America, people are drawn to looks that inspire them. Even if there is not a specific event to wear that fashion purchase, a great outfit can make any moment feel special.

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Which Making the Cut winning looks were your favorite? Did you purchase any of the winning looks from the Amazon store?

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