Making the Cut episode 5 review: Streetwear is eclectic and experimental

In this Making the Cut episode, the fashion designers explored streetwear. While this genre might be eclectic, it is time to push the limits.

With the city of lights fading into memory, Making the Cut looks to Japan and its streetwear scene for inspiration. While the fashion designers might be in their own lane, everyone needs to show a little versatility to have a successful global fashion brand. Which designer was able to embrace the discomfort?

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t watched Making the Cut episode 5, warning, specific details about the episode are revealed.

Thinking about streetwear, there is an element of defiance. Whether it is matching unpredictable patterns or staying true to yourself, streetwear has an air of rebellion. Where avante garde is sophisticated art, streetwear is in bold, in your face confrontation.

Like previous Making the Cut challenges, each designer must create a runway look and an accessible look. While the winning look is sold in the Making the Cut Amazon store, an additional prize was given this week. The winning designer had the opportunity to create a co-branded collection with Puma.

Even as the designers walked around looking for their muse, anyone who has been watching the show assumed that Sabato would struggle in this challenge. While the talented designer has much experience, his looks tend to be more sophisticated than edgy.

Even though Sabato allows his emotions to influence his designs, he seemed distraught during this challenge. In some ways, he was almost defeated before he even stepped into the workroom.

For the other designers, they seemed eager to embrace the streetwear challenge. As Making the Cut heads toward the end of the season, the competition is getting tough. Although the judges seem to know some of the designers well, other designers are still lurking in the shadows. Could someone new shine in this streetwear challenge?

While the fashion designers are trying to stay true to their brand, the judges do want them to push the boundaries. These challenges are meant to produce another look. Each challenge is one step closer to becoming the next great global brand.

Overall, the fashion designers captured the challenge. Although Ester did not embrace color, she designs were good. Still, the judges want to see her embrace the discomfort, which, for her, is color.

Sander had two amazing pieces, but one was not accessible. If the challenge needs to have a sellable look, he missed the opportunity. While he wasn’t going home, this commentary is his nudge to make him think.

The top two looks were Rinat and Jonny. After winning last week’s challenge, Jonny has found his rhythm. His two looks were like mini- Jonny Cota’s descending down the escalator. There was an edge, but it was softened. By giving that balance, he excelled.

For the first time, Rinat was a top look. In this week’s Making the Cut challenge, she really embraced pushing the limits. While she usually works in black, the mixing of patterns and the bold colors captured the streetwear challenge.

After Rinat’s previous critiques, the judges asked her to step it up. Based on this challenge, she definitely stepped up her designs. Each look was bold, eclectic and experimental. Everything that the judges wanted to see in this challenge.

The winner of the streetwear challenge was Rinat. Her coat becomes part of the Amazon store sale and she received the collab with Puma.

After this challenge, Megan is the only remaining designer who has not won a challenge. While she has had a top look, she has not won. Could she win the title without winning a single challenge? That information remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, Sabato and his struggles were quite apparent in this week’s challenge. Instead of being streetwear, his look was more goth like. It was clear that he was in his head and played it too safe.

Sabato had a different look but he choose not to use it. The more interesting textile would have been stunning, but it was not part of his mini-collection. Sometimes those moments of self doubt can crush an opportunity.

Unfortunately, Sabato did not make the cut this week. Sometimes even the best fashion designer can let emotion push him beyond the brink. This challenge was not meant to be.

Looking at the remaining fashion designers, it could be a battle between Jonny and Sander. While Ester was an early favorite, the two male fashion designers have been gaining favor with the judges.

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What is your definition of streetwear? Which looks would you want in your closet?

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