Making the Cut’s Sander Bos brings artistic flare to fashion

Photo: Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Photo: Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

On Making the Cut, Sander Bos presents fashion that causes a reaction. That artistic flare makes his designs some of the most exciting on the show.

When a Sander Bos design comes down the runway, Making the Cut viewers instantly have a reaction. Eliciting everything from awe to excitement, each week his looks seem to cut through the noise. While some of the runway designs might be unconventional, the Sander touch is clear.

Since Making the Cut is looking for the next global fashion brand, Sander has one of the most unique points of view on the Amazon Prime fashion show. Although he might be one of the younger designers, his looks have a maturity that many designers crave.

One of the biggest qualities that sets Sander apart is his artistic approach to fashion. In some ways, his looks resemble a piece of art walking down the runway.

In episode 3 of Making the Cut, Sander collaborated with Sabato. While Sabato called the duo, Bebi y Papi, there was a balance to this collaboration. In many ways, it was the perfect equalizer.

After winning the collaboration challenge, Sander spoke to Culturess about his experience, his fashion philosophy, and the idea of fashion causing a reaction. During the very spirited conversation, Sander is as vivacious as his designs are exuberant.

Each of Sander’s runway designs makes an artistic statement. Having gone to art school, he incorporates that background into his aesthetic. At the end of his schooling, he decided that he wanted his “art” to be able to walk out of the room.

Sander believes that artistic emotion can convey personality. Through his designs, he hopes to convey a feeling, an emotion and, more importantly, a reaction. Whether it is a smile as you walk into a room or a double take walking down the street, fashion is meant to be shared with everyone.

More importantly, Sander feels that the person wearing a look makes a choice, and that look conveys a message to everyone around you. Whether you want to be bold one day or understated the next, fashion is a way to express yourself. Just maybe, those choices can spread a little bit of happy, something that everyone can appreciate.

During Making the Cut, many of Sander’s bolder looks have received attention. While those more artistic pieces are bold, his Miss Bos line has a very interesting approach. Dubbed as “fast food branded yet slow fashion,” this line is born out of his fast food experience.

After graduating college, Sander worked in fast food to make ends meet. During that work experience, he learned from the people around him. In many ways, that experience showed people have more in common than they realize, and they can learn from one another. It was the ultimate equalizer.

Looking at that brand, that fast food commonality makes this line recognizable. While fast food might be a symbol of the times, it gives people a frame of reference. It brought the uber artistic to an approachable means.

That delicate balance was clear in his collaboration with Sabato. Sander focused on what the two designers could learn from each other. While the collaboration wasn’t always “peaches and cream,” they found a way to come together. He referred to the relationship like an old married couple. There might be fighting, but there is an appreciation for the fellow designer.

In many ways, Sander learned to appreciate all of the designers on Making the Cut. While one episode was specifically focused on collaboration, there was a sense of cooperation throughout the whole competition. When one of these designers succeeds, all the designers on the show succeed.

Making the Cut, Sander Bos
Making the Cut. Sabato & Sander collaboration winning look, Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Sander believes that this Making the Cut experience shows the similarities not just between designers, but between all types of people. From understanding the artistic struggles to finding the audience for a brand, everyone can relate to desire to be successful in a craft that is driven by a passion. Having support from all types of people can help make the experiences feel less isolating.

Whether or not Sander earns the Making the Cut title, he does and will continue to dance to the beat of his own drum. The immense platform that he was given from the show is not only an opportunity for his brand, but also for him as a person. He will continue to grow.

Sander looks forward to the opportunity to grow, to push forward and advance that conversation. He is an entrepreneur, and that journey is endless. Just like fashion can produce a reaction, the journey has infinite possibilities.

Sander Bos is the designer behind both his namesake brand, as well as Miss Bos.

Making the Cut, the Amazon Prime show, airs new episodes on Fridays.

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