Rinat Brodach pushed through the uncomfortable on Making the Cut

On Instagram, fashion designer Rinat Brodach once said, “Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens from you.” And her Making the Cut experience captured that thought perfectly.

Although Rinat Brodach might have been a little under the radar on Making the Cut, she found her voice in the streetwear challenge. By embracing the uncomfortable and pushing toward something new, Rinat impressed the judges with a fresh take on an accessible look. Through this experience, Rinat has found ways to use her voice to keep moving forward.

Throughout the first half of the Making the Cut Amazon fashion competition, Rinat seemed to be a little quiet. While her looks might not have been controversial, the fashion designer was finding the balance of her voice within the challenges parameters.

After her streetwear win, which earned her a collaboration with Puma, Rinat spoke to Culturess about her experience, her design philosophy, and her willingness to give back to others.

While many people are intrigued by Making the Cut, the streetwear challenge did not seem like Rinat’s challenge to win. Although her brand does focus on more ready-to-wear designs, her presence in the fashion competition up to that point was a little understated. It wasn’t that her designs weren’t impressive; they just had a more subtle approach than some of the more flamboyant fashion designers.

Truthfully, Rinat didn’t even expect that the streetwear challenge would be her breakout moment. Still, in that challenge she decided to push that uncomfortable envelope, and it earned her the win.

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Thank you EVERYONE!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 This win was a big moment that I will never forget and I am so humbled by all the love that is felt from a distance! Note: Your growth is where discomfort is. . So I went to Cat Street in Harajuku, Tokyo. And I remember that morning, before we went, I remember I was smoking a cigarette with Sander—because they have designated smoking areas all over Tokyo, you can’t just smoke on the street—and I remember I saw this dude wearing this light blue shirt and these pants that were almost like weird/cool bell-bottoms. I asked people around me, “Who are these people and what do they do?” And they were like, “These are the construction workers here.” And then we went to Cat Street, and I started seeing all these people that were mixing different kinds of patterns, with stripes and plaids and tie-dye. To me, it was this very anti-fashion moment, where it’s like, “F**k you, I’m going to leave my house the way I am. I feel great with myself and I’m going to rock it.” I went with that. It was like hipster meets punk rock, meets the high end fashion with an attitude that I love! . . . . . #RinatBrodach #GENDERFREE #winnerwinner#winnersweekend #makingthecut #limitededition #amazonprime #buyonline #streetwear #plaidshirt #amazonprimevideo #NYC #PARIS #TOKYO #heidiklum #timgunn #naomicampbell #carineroitfeld #nicolerichie #chiaraferragni #josephaltuzarra #kimonostyle #shoponlinenow #fashionseries #stayhome #pandemic #harajukustyle

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Starting with the fabric, Rinat went in a new direction. From the bright colors to the bold patterns, she embraced that risk. That decision was rewarded by the judges. Even her fellow competitor, Sander, commented that she was going to win that challenge.

One of the reasons why this challenge was so successful was that Rinat did not take the easy way out. She wanted to push herself to the limit. From color to shapes, that willingness to go beyond proves that she is willing to take a risk and that risk paid off.

In some ways that concept applies to the best of fashion. Rinat said, “I think people are attracted to the designers who push the envelope in their comfort zone and embrace the discomfort.” In a way, that decision tends to show a person’s true colors and who she really is. Whether it is taking the familiar and making it new, or causing a reaction through being different, the willingness to move the conversation forward has a lot of validity.

Looking at Rinat’s namesake brand, her designs take a gender-fluid approach. Her designs are not about putting a unisex label on a hoodie. Instead, the designs take the approach of being free of labels and stereotypes. From the person who prefers a softer, flowy look one day to a structured, bold look the next, the choices reflect a feeling, not a label.

Rinat looks back to her design process and even how she feels herself. One day, she might want something frilly and soft. The next day, she could be drawn to a structured, more masculine pant. As long as there is intention, feeling, and even grace behind the choice, that choice should be celebrated.

On her brand’s website, there is a section containing parts of Rinat’s sketchbook. From all parts of life, she finds inspiration. While some of fashion might be judgmental, Rinat finds a way to break down those barriers. Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status, can find a way to express themselves through fashion.

While the Making the Cut experience helped Rinat explore new concepts with her brand, she looks for opportunities beyond the business to make an impact. One cause dear to her heart is Custom Collaborative.

Rinat believes that time is more valuable than money, and her donating her time to Custom Collaborative has given many women the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. She would spend several hours a week teaching women to sew.

By teaching these women, Rinat could help them learn a skill that gave them an opportunity. Whether it was discovering a passion or starting a career, the knowledge gave these women new possibilities to improve their position.

In many ways, that idea of giving back is the most endearing part of this conversation with Rinat. While the fashion world will remember her winning Making the Cut look, her collaboration with Puma and her Rinat Brodach brand, her philosophy on making a difference through her craft is the heart of what she does. By sharing her own voice, she is helping others to develop the own voices.

Rinat Brodach is the creative voice behind her namesake brand.

Making the Cut airs new episodes on Fridays on Amazon Prime.

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