Making the Cut episode 2 review: Art on the runway

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Aurelien Meunier/Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Aurelien Meunier/Amazon Studios /

When an haute couture look walks a runway, it is art in motion. In this episode of Making the Cut, the designs blend couture and romance to create their artistic vision.

While the first episode of Making the Cut gave a glimpse of the fashion designers’ artistic vision, the second episode tested it. Although fashion can be art, these fashion designers need to bridge the fantasy and the reality. As the haute couture looks took center stage, the accessible looks proved to be the real winners.

In the first episode, the designers were tasked with the idea of introducing the judges to themselves through their looks. For this episode, the designers had a little more direction.

Now, if you have not watched Making the Cut episode two, fair warning: There are spoilers ahead.

While each designer on Making the Cut needs to stay true to her vision, the designers also need to respect the concept of haute couture. It is more than just an exciting fabric or a cool concept. There is an element of construction and attention to detail.

From the beginning of this episode, everyone could have guessed that Martha would be in trouble. Even in episode one, she had issues. Although Making the Cut is not a sewing competition, the designers do need to be able to help themselves. This competition is more than just good styling.

As Tim Gunn commented, Martha struggled with self-doubt. Since design is an expression, that doubt inhibited her creative process. From poor fabric choices to lack of direction, Martha was not ready for this competition.

When her looks walked the runway, the judges’ disappointment was tremendous. Although the fabric was interesting, both looks were poorly constructed. As Naomi Campbell said, this challenge is more than just pinning fabric. Anyone can do that task.

While the judges tried to give Martha some kind words, it was clear that she would not make the cut. Between her lack of confidence and the disrespect to the couture ideal, she was sent home.

For this week’s top looks, both Sander and Ester wowed the judges. To put it simply, Sander did make wearable art. His couture piece was a show stopper.

In that design, he captured that ideal artistic fashion. Of course, no one would probably wear this look walking down the street, but it conveys a point of view about Sander. He is all about pushing the boundaries and seeing beyond the status quo.

Also, Ester created two looks that complemented each other but captured the theme of the challenge. In her couture look, the shades of black created dimension as the gown flowed down the runway. Additionally, Ester was smart in her fabric choices. They were luxurious and creative. More importantly, she picked those fabrics to push herself as a designer.

Lastly, her accessible look and her couture look were cohesive. When these looks were put together, they had a common thread. Where one is fantasy and the other is practical, they are the same girl.

Winning this Making the Cut episode was Ester. Her accessible look will be sold on the Making the Cut Amazon store.

In an interesting twist, an Amazon buyer was at the show and thought that another look should be sold as well. The judges reminded the designers that they will never know who is watching.

Ji Won was surprised to learn that her white dress, the accessible look, will be sold in the Making the Cut Amazon store. This look is a lovely example of her chic, ath-leisure style. More importantly, the dress can be worn by any woman. It is a great example of how this design competition could become the fashionistas way of building her closet.

Overall, the biggest takeaway from this episode is that the designers need to be memorable. This design competition is not about presenting a look that is already in someone’s closet, nor should it be a restatement of a previous design. The judges are looking to see how the designers continue to push themselves beyond their existing brand.

After the second episode of Making the Cut, fashionistas will have to wait until next Friday for another two episodes of the Amazon Prime show. Until then, they can shop the store and start putting together their next fashion-forward look.

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What did you think of this Making the Cut episode? Was Martha not ready for this level of competition?