Making the Cut episode 6 review: Opposing forces push boundaries

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

In fashion, contrasts push the conversation forward. For this Making the Cut episode, the opposing forces still need to have harmony.

For all of these fashion designers, Making the Cut has been an emotional journey. While they all came into this Amazon fashion competition with an established brand, the opportunity on the horizon compelled them to take a leap of faith. In this episode, the fashion designers had to embrace opposing forces to find harmony.

Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched Making the Cut episode 6, warning, details about the episode will be revealed.

With Tokyo as their backdrop, the fashion designers need to think beyond the traditional. While each episode has a runway and an accessible look, the challenges seem to continually blur the lines. Although a look needs to be sellable and wearable, it needs to cut through the noise. Finding that balance is becoming more difficult.

Having sent home six designers in the competition, the pressure is immense. One challenge has a fashion designer soaring from positive feedback and the next challenge has her doubting her talent. Still, those ups and downs are mimicking the evolving fashion industry.

This episode’s theme was dichotomy. While the fashion designers could choose their contradicting or opposing forces, there needed to be a harmony within the conflict. Differences for differences sake would not be a wise expression.

Looking back at previous episodes, there was a lot of emotion in this episode. One moment someone was crying and the next moment another person was defiant. The constant stress of being in a competition seems to have taken a toll.

From Ester finally choosing to embrace color to Sander making a “sellable” look, it seems that the opposing forces were causing a huge shift. While this change might only be for one episode, the walls have been broken down.

While the designs are always the star of the fashion show, Making the Cut pushed its own boundaries with the concept of this episode’s show. By using a projection screen, the changing scenes almost became a show within a show. Although this modern approach offered breathtaking visuals, some of the fashion was lost. If the accessories outshine the outfit, is it really a good choice?

Probably the most unexpected look of the episode was Ester’s gold dress. While it was a little wonky, the judges gave her kudos for stepping away from black. Although this dress might not be a win, the progression shows that Ester is adapting. In some ways, the judges are as interested in the adaption as they are in the designs.

Although he seemed to fight the idea of a sellable look, Sander captured the essence of this challenge. While his conflict was “art to commercial,” he was able to put his stylish twist on what is accessible.

As Sander’s looks come down the stairs, they make you react. That reaction is a key to his design aesthetic. While you might not know what you are looking at, you want to see more. Just like an amazing painting, there is something to discover under every layer.

Even though he was not excited to make a commercial t-shirt, Sander made “Sander t-shirt” into a winning look. The judges were quite impressed. He did Sander style, his way.

Talking about his win, Sander Bos said,

“Winning this week’s episode felt amazing! The looks centered around a point of change and growth in my design aesthetic — from Art to Commercial. To have that validated by the judges was the icing on the cake!”

While Sander had a huge moment, the same cannot be said for some of the other designers. For another episode, Megan did not win. Again, she is the only designer without a win. Being in the middle or safe is not going to make her the next big fashion brand on Making the Cut.

In another turn, Ji Won has gone from a top look to falling from grace. While the judges appreciated her runway look, her accessible look was a miss. Similar to another look earlier this season, her skirt was very, very short. Many women would not want a skirt that short.

The judges want more from Ji. The evolution is stagnant. She did not embrace the differences in this challenge nor has she pushed her boundaries.

In a huge disappointment, Rinat missed the mark in this challenge. While her concept of opposing religions had validity, it did not turn up the volume. The judges were left with too many unanswered questions. More importantly, there was no harmony in those looks.

After winning the previous challenge, Rinat caused more questions with her designs. If the judges cannot grasp her brand, why would they invest? Even though she tried, this challenge was not meant to be.

Unfortunately, Rinat was eliminated in this episode. Just like the opposing forces, she went from high to low in short fashion.

With only five fashion designers left in Making the Cut, the ultimate winner seems uncertain. The biggest take away from this episode is evolution. While the theme was dichotomy, judges want the designers to look forward. The designers who are pushing forward are getting noticed.

Are you ready for a sneak peak of the next episodes?

As seen in this clip, the designers can never guess what is or is not next. It doesn’t matter the episode theme, they will have to strive for more in order to move forward. If they cannot prove themselves week after week, they will not make the cut.

Who will be the next global fashion brand? Be sure to watch Amazon Prime next week to see which fashion designers are Making the Cut.

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Who do you think will be the Making the Cut winner? Have you purchased any of the winning looks?