Making the Cut episode 8 review: Brand evolution is vital

As they dream of the finale, this Making the Cut episode has the four remaining fashion designers learning brand evolution is vital to success.

To be the next global fashion brand, the Making the Cut fashion designers need to think beyond the creative side. While they seek inspiration from the world around them, the buyers need to see, appreciate, and purchase those looks. Although everyone wants to be on the cutting edge, the brand evolution is a bigger consideration.

Looking back at Making the Cut, the competition has been fierce. Although the judges want to hear the fashion designers fight for themselves and their vision, they need to see their desire to succeed as a business. Although art for art sake can be noble, money talks. If a brand cannot sell it doesn’t matter how visionary the designer can be.

Going into this challenge, four fashion designers remain. Three of the four fashion designers have won challenges. While Ester was an early favorite, Jonny and Sander have made their case for their success. Only Megan remains as a non-challenge winner.

Looking at this episode’s challenge, the fashion designers were asked to create a brand snapshot. The idea is to create three looks that encapsulate their brand. While it might be a way to show their progression through this competition, it needs to capture why they deserve to win. If these looks cannot cut through the noise, how can they be the next global fashion brand.

Going into this challenge, it clear that Sander wants to continue to do his vision. While he might have succeeded with the Sander t-shirt, he still has his artistic approach. While he is finding that accessible approach, it is bolder.

Jonny is learning to embrace the feminine softness with a little edge. That fine line between the soft with the dangerous adds to his appeal. When he walks that delicate balance well, Jonny is celebrated by the judges.

Making the Cut, Jonny Cota

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios

Ester started out strong, but needs to show a bit more evolution. While she experimented with the gold dress, she needs to add more depth to her black world. Although there might be a rainbow in the black, she needs to show that expression to the judges.

Lastly, Megan is always close but doesn’t quite break through the barrier. As seen in the last episode, her runway looks were stunning, but they didn’t photograph well. She just needs something to push her over the boundary.

As the fashion designers prepare for this fashion show, the tension seems high. From Jonny feeling that he will not finish to Sander staying true to his artistic flare, everyone seems to understand that it is go big or go home.

In some ways, Ester’s three looks are an emphatic statement that she wants to win. From her shirt that says the final three to her balance of black and white, she is showing the judges that she wants to be the next global fashion brand.

By presenting these three looks, in her way, Ester shows that she is strong in her brand yet understands that adaptability is key. Even though Ester embraces the rainbow in black, the customer needs to see the light through the darkness.

Making the Cut,

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios

With an emotional show and her willingness to embrace the accessibility factor, Ester is awarded the win. She moves onto the final three. Even as the early favorite, Ester is surging towards the finale. It will be interesting to see if her momentum continues.

Sander has been steadfast with his artistic designs throughout the season. While he might not want to make a dumb, boring t-shirt, he has found a way to make that t-shirt applicable in his artistic world.

In this collection, Sander found that balance. The juxtaposition of playful and artistic, Sander is finding his position in the fashion world. More importantly, he is finding a way to make himself marketable to a larger audience. That aspect is key to becoming the next big fashion brand.

Sander moves on with Ester. With only one more spot open, will it be Jonny or Megan moving forward?

While Jonny struggled in this challenge, he has shown a big evolution. While he has never lost a part of his edge, the flowy looks offer the balance. In a way, it celebrates the good girl who wants to have a little bad in her life.

The problem with Jonny’s three looks was that these looks have been done previously. Everyone has that jacket. Even though the judges want to see an evolution, they do not want to see recycled looks. These looks need to break through the noise.

While the judges might know Jonny’s brand, Megan is still an enigma. She has shown some great looks, but the judges cannot tell who or what she is. With too many pivots throughout the competition, the judges still don’t know her or her brand. That unknown is a problem.

Making the Cut

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios

In the end, when faced with a known quality or just an idea, the judges choose the known. Jonny moves on and Megan goes home. Truthfully, it would have been unusual to have Megan make the finale even though she never won a challenge. That scenario seemed almost too much for a reality competition.

With three fashion designers left, one of them will be crowned the Making the Cut champion. No one seems to have a clear advantage. It could be the judges’ whim that makes the decision.

Only two more Making the Cut episodes remain. One person will be named the next big global fashion brand. Can you predict the winner?

Do you think that the judges made the right choice? Who do you think will win Making the Cut?