Making the Cut review : Digital marketing needs to captivate an audience

Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Don’t turn that page. In this Making the Cut episode, the designers’ digital marketing campaigns need to captivate and keep everyone’s attention.

From cutting through the noise to becoming the next global fashion brand, Making the Cut continues to prove that fashion is more than just stunning looks. The remaining designers need to show that their brand has business savvy beyond the fashion forward designs. Which designer deserves a second look?

Spoiler Alert: If you have not watched this Making the Cut episode, warning, details about this episode will be revealed.

In each Making the Cut episode, the fashion designers are tasked with more than just creating a runway and an accessible look. Granted, the opportunity of selling a look in the Amazon store is a huge win each week. Still, this fashion competition isn’t about sewing or just a garment. It is about crowning the next great fashion brand, which includes the business behind the brand.

For this episode’s challenge, the designers had to create a digital marketing campaign. This idea is tricky. Sometimes a look is stunning walking down a runway but does not translate in a photo. The opposite can be true, too.

Think about all the big red carpet events. How many times have people heard, it looked so much better in person.

Still, fashion brands are about selling merchandise. Fewer people are walking into stores to buy an item. Now, the visual medium is the big seller. If the look does not captivate in a picture, it may not sell.

Going into this episode’s challenge, Megan is still the only designer who has not won a challenge. As the competition nears the end, she seems to just be on the cusp every time. It is like that old saying, always the bridesmaid but never the bride.

While the judges seem to like a few designers, there seems to be a growing trend with the judging panel. Even though the judges want the fashion designers to be their own brand and be identifiable, they want each designer to grow, evolve and adapt. Presenting the same looks time and again is not going to have a designer make the cut.

The best examples of evolving are Ester, Sander and even Jonny. Even though each one has stayed true to a certain aspect of their vibe, they have pushed the boundaries a little. Without going too far askew, they have found the balance of marketable and fashionable.

In this week’s challenge, the designers had to balance both a digital marketing campaign and a fashion show. While these two items seem related, they needed a slightly different approach.

The two top designers were Jonny and Megan. If this combination looks familiar, it should there have been several occasions where this pair have been in the top together. In some ways, they are a winning pair together.

In this episode, Megan had a fabulous runway show. As her looks floated down the runway, they were feminine and powerful. Additionally, they had some influence from Japan. It was a lovely balance.

But, her digital marketing campaign was not as strong. By not capturing the models in the best angles, her looks did not appear as strong.

On the opposite side, Jonny nailed the digital campaign. His three photos told a story; more importantly it was a story that people wanted to hear.

At the same time, his runway show was strong. It felt like Tokyo punk, but in a Jonny Cota way.

In the end, Heidi changed her mind. Like she has said all season, a conversation can change everything. Jonny was announced as the winner.

Making the Cut
Making the Cut. Image Courtesy Amazon Studios /

Again, Megan falls just short of a win. Although she continues onto the next challenge, she has not earned a win. Could she be the ultimate winner and yet never win a challenge?

Unfortunately, Ji Won struggled in this challenge. While she tried to push herself with her dress, her pants were a miss. The judges kept commenting that she is not bringing anything new to the table.

During the judging panel, Naomi was quite critical of Ji’s digital campaign. Since Ji directed the models’ positions, she did not choose the best angles to enhance the looks. Beyond the looks not being shown well, they did not complement each other.

Ji was given the opportunity to fight for her position. When she was asked to fight, she didn’t push herself enough. It was almost as if she gave up. If she cannot fight hard, the judges cannot fight for her.

Unfortunately, Ji is eliminated in this episode. While she has had success, she needs to grow as a designer. That time will come.

With only four designers remaining, has a favorite emerged? Even without a clear front runner, it is clear that Making the Cut has impacted each design positively. No matter who wins, each of these designers have a huge opportunities ahead of them.

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Which Making the Cut fashion designer captivates you? Have you purchased any of the looks in the Amazon store?