Cardi B calls out the president for the government shutdown


Cardi B took to social media to rant about Trump and the government shutdown. Putting aside the four-letter words, she basically called out the current state of the government.

In the latest news, we are in the middle of the longest government shutdown in history with no precise date or time for when everything will be reinstated. The devastating consequence of this massive shutdown is that employees of the government are going without pay. To make matters worse, on Wednesday a federal judge sided with Trump in forcing crucial government employees to return to work without pay. That’s a crushing development, considering that these employees are being forced to juggle the expenses entwined with going to work (i.e., commuting) with no money coming in to support the costs.

While Donald Trump seems more concerned with blaming Democrats for not deciding to fork over billions of dollars for a wall that may or may not be beneficial, American citizens everywhere are sympathizing with the impact this must have on the government employees struggling without a paycheck in sight. In particular, Cardi B took to her Instagram to rant about the shutdown and her concern over the state of government employees. Okay, so maybe she sprinkled her speech with a few extra expletives, but I’d say she spoke for most of us that are appalled.

Check out her video on IG here, with just one more warning for language:

The essence of what she said (when you skip over the curses), is that the government shutdown is all about Donald Trump trying to build a wall to appease his supporters. And now, people are suffering financially and being forced to return to work, regardless of their financial situation. To Cardi, this is a serious matter that we must do something about. She just doesn’t know how to go about doing something because politics isn’t her field. She added for those that would probably recall Obama’s 17-day government shutdown that it was different because it was necessary (unlike the wall) to put Obamacare through.

The kicker here is that lawmakers on Twitter are vigorously fighting against their better judgment to retweet Cardi B’s rant. Democratic Senators Brian Schatz and Chris Murphy were basically going back and forth with the idea, and Senator Chuck Schumer even came into the conversation to see what they had decided. The ethical problem they’re debating is that Cardi’s rant isn’t exactly politically correct, and they don’t know how to endorse a statement without taking on the backlash they’d get for the bountiful curses.

Curses or not, Cardi B makes a good point that should be considered. Something must be done about this government shutdown, and all concerns should be focused on the American citizens that diligently work for the government and are suffering in the midst of this shutdown.

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What do you think about Cardi B’s political rant on Trump’s government shutdown?