Stranger Things 4 will be one crazy Spring Break in California


The Byers are in California and are barreling into an explosive Spring Break on the latest trailer for Stranger Things  4.

As part of Netflix’s Stranger Things Day reveal, another teaser titled “Welcome to California” explains what Eleven and the Byers have been up to since they left Hawkins, Indiana, to help heal from losing Sheriff Hopper. The trailer starts with Eleven writing to Mike on the 185th day since she left and updating him on her new life.

As positive as Eleven intends to be in her letter, life in California is not all it’s cracked up to be. Despite claiming to like school and making friends, Eleven struggles to fit in and is even subjected to bullying by spitballs to the face. The only highlight is Eleven’s school project which is focused on Hopper and includes a little Hopper figure.

However, Eleven has something to look forward to even as she misses her father. She will be seeing Mike during Spring Break and is counting down the days, true to Eleven’s love of methodical counting. However, it looks like Eleven’s Spring break plans are turned upside down (excuse the pun).

Stranger Things 4 teases a California Spring Break from hell

  • Joyce receives a Russian doll in the mail, and we can only wonder who is giving her hints that Hopper is in Russia.
  • We get the first glimpse of Jonathan’s stoner friend Argyle played by Eduardo Franco. It seems Argyle is a driver for the kids and uses his pizza delivering car to get around.
  • The clips within the trailer tease a lot of shooting, and even the windows in Jonathan’s room explode. The question is whether the villains in this story are the lab/government henchmen or the Russians.
  • Murray will be back and will be doing some telephone surveillance. What will he discover is going on this time?
  • As we have theorized previously, it seems that the government does catch up with Eleven. But this trailer reveals some of the pursuits that lead to Eleven’s capture. Some suits show up outside of a diner, so it may be that Eleven was tracked down and watched. The government baddies probably make their move during a Roller Skating Rink event as Eleven looks scared out of her mind. Finally, some military trucks and a helicopter end up in a secret bunker in the desert that it looks like Eleven blows up.
  • While the military bunker looks like it’s part of Eleven’s capture in the desert, it seems eerily similar to the underground headquarters that the Russian’s were running under the mall last season.

This latest trailer adds to a hazy story that has been pieced together slowly since the third season two years ago. Recently, Netflix gave us a look into the possible Upside down connection in the Creel family house. The father had gone crazy and killed his family in the 50s, becoming a resident of the local Hawkins psychiatric facility, Pennhurst.

From the previous sneak peeks, we can also assume that Hopper is alive in Russia and will somehow break out of his prison. Additionally, whether real or imagined, Dr. Brenner will come back, which will likely have something to do with Eleven getting her powers back.

The story is slowly coming together and we have some solid theories to tie us over before the new season will return to Netflix.

Stranger Things 4 will premiere in Summer 2022.

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