Stranger Things 4: Creel teaser reveals an Upside Down past

Netflix released another preview of Stranger Things season 4 during its first-ever global fan streaming event, Tudum. Named after the iconic sound featured before all Netflix content, The three hour online event on YouTube featured clips, interviews, and panels of Netflix’s upcoming long-awaited series and movies. The Stranger Things preview was undoubtedly one of the major takeaways.

The latest sneak peek of Stranger Things Season 4 has opened another can of worms, revealing that maybe we have no idea what this new season will bring. Titled “Creel House,” the trailer explores the recently acquired house of a suburban family we have to assume are the Creels during what looks like the ’50s. Shortly after, the family experiences light flickering in their living room, a telltale sign of the Upside Down.

Does that mean that the Upside down had connected to our world long before Eleven opened the gate at the lab? It’s an exciting revelation because that might indicate that others have struggled with closing the connection to the other dimension, and maybe there’s something to learn there. However, I suspect that the Creel house will serve as an example of the multiple entrances into the Upside Down dimension.

Watch the Stranger Things Season 4 Creel House teaser:

Stranger Things Creel house may have entrance to Upside Down

The teaser also shows the young Creel girl discovering a half-eaten rabbit on the front lawn, a sign of Demogorgon hunting. The final Creel family scene ends with the children sprawled across the floor and their father in a daze. Could the Mindflayer have corrupted the Creel father causing the death of his family? What we can tell from the trailer is that the Creel family doesn’t live there anymore; in fact, the house is completely abandoned in the present.

In the main event, resident babysitter Steve Harrington is off with Dustin, Lucas, and Max breaking into the Creel house. The Hawkins gang searches the deteriorating house for clues, but they never say what they are looking for, and the scene ends with Dustin quoting Sherlock Holmes. And while the kids are skulking around the dark house, the clock in the attic flips to the Upside Down and begins to break.

My guess is that the Hawkins gang is trying to save Hopper and find some way back into the Upside Down to find him. But it could also be that the Upside Down activity has picked up in Hawkins, and the lab entrance is perfectly sealed, leading the gang to investigate another possible entry. It would be an unexpected storyline since we are all awaiting season 4 to solely focus on Hopper in Russia and Eleven’s capture by the government.

Although it’s been a long wait, the latest season didn’t finish filming until recently. Consequently, we’ve had very little information about the new season besides Hopper’s Russia revelation and a recent sneak peek. Stranger Things has not revealed a date for the new season, only disclosing that it will premiere next year.

Stranger Things Season 4 will premiere in 2022.