These Stranger Things Nike sneakers can be burned to reveal Easter Eggs

Exclusive Stranger Things x Nike sneakers announced during San Diego Comic-Con may become available to fans this summer, and they contain some hidden Easter Eggs from the show.

Netflix’s Stranger Things series is as popular as it’s ever been, and that means that there’s a massive demand for merchandise. Leading up to the premiere of Stranger Things season three, promotional apparel, collectibles, and even a highly coveted Nike shoe collection have been released for dedicated fans. Unsurprisingly, everyone has been scrambling to acquire these — because if they carry the Stranger Things brand, we want them!

Amid all the surprises at San Diego Comic-Con, an additional collaboration was announced between Nike and Bait for Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind 79 sneakers that offer more than just an ’80s aesthetic. The sneaker itself is grey and weathered with pieces of dark fabric visible from scattered holes. The look is reminiscent of Will glitching into the Upside Down. And in the spirit of season three, the sneakers have hidden secrets that only people who have seen the new season will understand.

The best part is that the sneaker can be placed against a flame to reveal a hidden message. And Nike left no corner unturned, or in this case, unburned. It seems that the best surprises aren’t in plain sight. While you may have concerns about putting a flame to brand new sneakers, as long as you don’t use a flamethrower, they’ll be fine.

Check out the new Stranger Things Nike sneakers here:

The most noteworthy surprises are visible in the promo photos, although there may be more we can’t see at this time. In particular, the back of the shoe reveals a Stranger Things logo when a flame is placed near it. It looks like the fabric covering the logo is highly flammable and disappears to reveal the writing underneath.

A more discreet easter egg can also be found on both insoles of the shoes. There’s a sketch of the Russian-made machine used to open the gate in one insole and a map drawing with the question “Suzie, do you copy?” in the other.

Lastly, there’s a quirky hidden message when the insoles are pulled back. It’s the secret Russian code that Robin cracked. It’s written in Russian Cyrillic at the bottom of one shoe, and the English translation is in the other. While some of these easter eggs can’t be seen unless you take off your shoes and show your friends, a real fan is going to be happy just knowing what’s hidden in their sneakers.

The Stranger Things x Nike Tailwind 79 were announced at SDCC and were distributed during a scavenger hunt to a select few winners. But if the word on the street has any truth to it, the sneakers will be available to a broader audience starting August 21.

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