Did Tyrion Lannister survive the Game of Thrones finale?


Tyrion may have been the hand of the queen but helping his siblings to escape is treason, and he may end of paying with his life.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen Game of Thrones‘ final episode.

In Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister was destined for a troubled life since the day he was born. His mother died giving birth to him, and he was a dwarf to a family that cared about looks and power more than anything.

Could you even imagine the amount of ignorance within a grown man like Tywin to hate his son because his mother died giving birth to him? An act that the child had no control over? Or how dense Cersei had to be to follow her father’s example?

Unloved and all, Tyrion proved to be the most intelligent Lannister and the only one with any sense of humility. And he accomplished being such a wonderful person with nothing more than the compassion of one single brother and lots of wine as therapy. Anyone else would have given up, but Tyrion was not only the best person he could be, he was loyal to the same family that mistreated him.

Tyrion’s loyalty to the Lannister’s was so strong that he ruled in Joffrey’s favor without wanting to kill the creep. He saved the Lannister’s in the Battle of Blackwater and received no praise at all for it. And after all of that, his father used Joffrey’s death as a loophole to kill Tyrion and rid himself of the child he always hated. It was only right for Tyrion to kill his father and the prostitute who feigned love for Tyrion only to conspire with Tywin.

When Tyrion went into hiding for their murders, he was moved by Varys to become Daenerys’ advisor knowing that his smarts and kind heart would help him lead. But the closer that Daenerys came to the throne, the more corrupt her decisions became.

Tyrion barely survived his incorrect assumption that Cersei was going to grow a heart because she was pregnant. Tyrion eventually became Daenerys’ prisoner for saving Jaime and Cersei (although they died anyway) because he had compassion for his family even after everything he had been through.

Daenerys would have killed Tyrion if it wasn’t for Jon Snow, who killed Daenerys while  still proclaiming love for his queen.

But Tyrion didn’t get to walk out of jail a free man just yet; he had to meet with the council of all the remaining people of power in Westeros to figure out what was in store for the future.

Bran Stark was crowned the new King and he declared Tyrion his Hand. There was no better choice for Hand of the King, especially since Tyrion had held the position about three times prior. Tyrion is meant to lead and live until the world runs out of wine.

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