10 ways to watch Jason Momoa other than Game of Thrones

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Jason Momoa at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Aquaman (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Our time with Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones may have been cut short, but there are still many ways to watch the actor who played the Dothraki leader, Jason Momoa.

Game of Thrones has exposed us all to some of the most heart-wrenching deaths on television. The worst part is that kindness, nobility, and honesty won’t help spare anyone from dying on Game of Thrones. We’re inevitably subjected to watching the people we like the most die while the rotten ones are still hanging around. Not even love can save them, which is why Khal Drogo’s death in the first season was so depressing.

Although Drogo came onto the scene as an ogre of a man that was perfectly okay with buying a wife that never gave her consent, he soon gave in to making his other half happy. Drogo’s death made all the difference since Daenerys and Drogo had fallen in love, and it seemed like they had their whole lives ahead of them. But as always, Game of Thrones had different plans, and Drogo died an untimely death.

And now Jason Momoa is forced to watch his Khaleesi on HBO like the rest of us. But that’s not all Momoa’s been doing; he’s been acting his butt off on the big and small screen. With an already long list of previous roles, Momoa has an abundance of screentime to choose from should we fancy seeing the stunning Momoa sans Dothraki attire.

We’ve made a list of some of the best ways to watch Momoa, but we can’t promise he’ll be wearing his legendary black eyeliner in anything other than Game of Thrones.