New Stranger Things season 3 photos tease a summer of mayhem


Shortly after the first full Stranger Things 3 trailer, new photos reveal that the teens are preparing for whatever has come to haunt them from the Upside down.

Fans have consumed the newest full Stranger Things 3 trailer like detectives aching for a clue on what’s going on in Hawkins and the identity of the towns new adversary from the Upside Down. There’s really no wonder at all how the trailer became the most watched Netflix video on YouTube. The accompanying photos have been analyzed, hoping to uncover the drama unfolding between the characters through their body language and attire. This is what fans do when they’ve been desperately waiting for their favorite show to return and have been waiting for over a year for a new season.

Netflix has released more photos of Stranger Things 3, and that means that scrutinizing the story behind the images will be like adding pieces to the puzzle of what we understand so far. What we can say for sure is that there is a new creature that has made its way into Hawkins, despite Eleven closing the inter-dimensional door last season. That means that Eleven’s powers will have to come into play, and the teens will have to develop a new plan alongside Hopper and Joyce to defeat the new threat.

In the rocky world of relationships, Lucas, Max, Mike, and Eleven are exploring the waters of teen love in the middle of what could be an awesome summer. But it isn’t all gold, as poor Steve looks like he loathes working at Scoops Ahoy! Meanwhile, Nancy and Jonathan look like they’re going through their own troubles as they appear defeated as they wait in the local newspaper’s office.

Nonetheless, the newest photos shed some more light on what the plot of the third season will entail, and we’re here to unpack all the juicy details.

Let’s get to business, shall we?

Stranger Things – Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix

In this lovely shot of a portion of the teen cast, the kids seem to have packed for a mission. Well, it can’t be that they’re going camping or hitting the local pool since Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Max don’t seem to be carrying anything that sounds fun. Will is lugging around umbrellas and what looks like a TV antenna, and Lucas has some long poles that could be pieces to build something like a weapon — or a mega antenna to boost Eleven’s powers somehow.

Stranger Things – Season 3 (2019). Photo Credit: Netflix

Eleven doesn’t look too happy here, and that sounds like trouble. Could she be concentrating on flinging some mouth-breather into the air? It’s hard to say what has made Eleven shift into her iconic pose for using telekinesis. But her narrowed eyes and focus inevitably is a sign that she’s about to use her mind to move something — and that a nosebleed will soon follow.

The good thing is that her friends, including Mike, are behind her in support. Eleven may just be moving something around in their current mission, but should she be confronting a bully or worse, an inter-dimensional creature, she’s got her friends to back her up.

Stranger Things season 3 still. Photo: Netflix

This may very well be a hangout in Mike’s basement or even a place to hang out in Eleven and Hopper’s new pad. Wherever this hangout may be, Mike, Eleven, Lucas, and Max are entertaining themselves with checkers and snacks. Eleven has a scarf wrapped around her face, and the TV is tuned to white noise, so she is using her powers to connect to someplace far off.

A reasonable assumption would be that she’s taking a peek at the Upside Down, but as we witnessed last season, Eleven is also able to visit individuals with just a picture. Dustin is conveniently vacant from this picture, and since the promos have all featured Dustin sporting a camp shirt with matching cap, she could be checking in on him at camp, since the crew misses him. I know I would miss Dustin too.

Stranger Things 3 production still. Photo: Netflix

Last season we got to meet Lucas’ adorable and sarcastic sister, Erica. She had a minor role, but her character really packed a punch, and she quickly became a fan favorite. She’s known for being her brother’s biggest annoyance and has proved to be determined, strong-willed, and maybe even a little nosy. Based on this picture of her with a helmet, we’re about to get more Erica, and she’s joining in on the investigation. Hopefully, she’ll help her brother and his friends in discovering how to defeat Hawkins’ newest threat.

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Sadly, Mike, Eleven, Max, Lucas, and Dustin are growing up before our eyes. But as the teasers keep coming, I’m proud to say they’re growing up to be some skilled individuals with the fate of the world in their hands. I still have my fingers crossed that there will be no more causalities. I’m still grieving for Barb and Bob. May they defeat their enemy in the battle of Starcourt mall and may the only casualties involve characters that we all collectively don’t like.

Don’t forget to check out Netflix this summer when Stranger Things returns on July 4th.