Brace yourselves, Game of Thrones Oreos are coming for the Iron Throne


Leaked photos of a Game of Thrones partnership with Oreos reveal that the iconic cookies will be redesigned and are coming for the throne.

Snacks are a necessary staple for watching good TV. Whether you’re taking in a whole series or watching a newly released episode of your favorite show, you’ve got to have something to munch on, which is why it’s exciting to hear that Game of Thrones-themed Oreos will come out in time for the last season of the hit HBO series.

A big tall mug of milk and Oreos are the perfect combo to have at your side as Westeros braces for a war of men and white walkers.

Oreo released a short clip on Instagram with the brand’s name spelled out in the iconic Game of Thrones font to tease the upcoming partnership. The video ended with the hashtag #FoTheThrone, which is the hashtag of choice for the final season.

No further information has been released on what the Game of Thrones Oreo will entail, except for Food and Wine confirming that the cookies are indeed slated to be released in April which will be just in time for the premiere on April 14.

Because the internet can be amazing sometimes, an Instagram account dedicated to knowing the goods in the candy industry before anyone else released alleged photos of the these GoT Oreos.

The picture in question posted by @candyhunting shows a single Oreo on the Iron Throne. The Oreo name is once again in Game of Thrones font across a background featuring the show’s well-known family names.

Oreo has a history of thinking of fun and new ways to reinvent their classic cookies, such as new and exciting flavors, colors, and shapes. But @candyhunting claims that this promotion is for regular Oreos in Game of Thrones packaging.

Unfortunately, there will be no Lannister lions embedded in the cookie or red filling to represent Targaryen pride. The bright side in all of this is that the cookies are likely to be found in local stores, thus you won’t have to go on an epic adventure to find them.

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Grab these limited edition cookies in April and prepare for Game of Thrones on April 14 on HBO.