The Walking Dead: 5 burning questions we have about Michonne’s exit

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Danai Gurira as Michonne – The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

What will happen to Judith and RJ?

If Michonne dies, the newest problem to hit Alexandria won’t be the Whisperers; it’ll be finding good childcare for the kids she has left behind. Who could take on the role of being a parent to Judith and RJ if Michonne dies? I predict that Carol or Maggie would take the kids in since they’re already like Aunts. The exciting part is that this route would inevitably lead to a Rick reunion with Michonne gone, meaning a Walking Dead movie crossover for Judith and RJ could be in the future.

Nonetheless, two kids stranded without both their parents can lead to devastating consequences. Judith could end up a hardened pre-teen, and the loss could affect who she becomes as she grows up. It would be interesting to see how the communities handle the loss of a woman who has children because I’m sure that everyone would start to pitch in, maybe even Daryl. He did help a bit in raising Little Ass Kicker Judith.

On another note, Judith and RJ could always end up with Rick. He’s had the single dad life before, and granted living that life again would be extremely depressing. So while this is an option for sure, we’d rather not see it play out for the sake of our emotions.

Now, if Michonne leaves Alexandria, I can’t see her going without her kids. It’s a sad realization that we may lose Judith because of this plot development since Judith is growing into her own person and has become a fan favorite. Looking on the bright side, if Michonne goes out looking for Rick and takes her kids, The Walking Dead movies will feature a super emotional family reunion.