The Walking Dead: 5 burning questions we have about Michonne’s exit

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Danai Gurira’s exit from The Walking Dead raises important questions about the direction of the show.

As of late, being a fan of The Walking Dead has been agonizing since our favorite characters seem to die or leave the show entirely. It’s almost like watching Game of Thrones, which is known for killing off characters in droves. However, in this case, cast members are deciding to leave The Walking Dead versus being written off via a cruel creative plot twist.

The latest member to announce their departure is leading cast member Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne. This comes shortly after finding out that The Walking Dead will be renewed for season 10. Gurira, like Andrew Lincoln, will only be featured in a handful of episodes in her last season before exiting the show.

Although season 10 is inevitable, I can’t see The Walking Dead maintaining its momentum after shedding three significant characters (Rick, Michonne, and Maggie) and transferring two other important characters to Fear the Walking Dead (Morgan and Dwight). What’s more, we’re still grieving our latest loss, Jesus. I get that the writers are hoping the new characters will fill the holes in the hearts of viewers, but it’ll be a challenge to get their audience invested when they’ve already established a bond with the original cast.

Michonne is also not a minor character leaving the show. She can’t really sneak out the back without anyone being affected. She’s a mother, leader, friend, and a fighter that is called in for support and guidance. She’s an extremely significant part of Alexandria’s community.

We have several questions about the loose ends that come with Michonne’s exit from the show…