Doritos adds a flaming hot new member to the Backstreet Boys in Super Bowl commercial


Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial previews teased Chance the Rapper as the new member of the Backstreet Boys in an attempt to make the boy band hotter than ever.

How do you make something good even better? You make it hot! Well, at least that’s what Doritos is trying to convince customers in their promotion for their Flamin’ Hot Doritos, which are a spicier version of the classic original.

The classic Doritos got a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos-inspired makeover, and to prove to the world that hotter really is better, Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial promotion will feature Chance the Rapper as the latest addition to the Backstreet Boys. It all makes sense when you figure that the only way to make the Backstreet boys hotter then ever is to add a talented rapper to the group.

The new addition to the group has been teased throughout the last week with previews of Doritos’ Super Bowl ad. In one teaser, Chance is seen pushing his way into a photo op with the Back Street Boys, and in another, the Backstreet Boys try to teach Chance some dance moves, and the results are hilarious.

Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial last year featured a clever play on the fire and ice theme of Game of Thrones. They pitted their blaze chips against the coolness of the Mountain Dew Ice in a commercial that featured Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. This year, it seems Doritos decided to bring two groups together in unison instead of pitting them against each other in a duel.

As of this week, the full commercial slated to debut at the Super Bowl has been released. It shows Chance biting into a Dorito and realizing that you can make the original hotter. He’s transported to a hot pink car and pulls up into his own music video twist on the Backstreet Boy’s 90’s hit, “I Want it That Way.”

After Chance performs his rap solo in the midst of neon colored smoke bombs and airplanes, the Backstreet Boys join him in singing the rest of the song in a setting similar to the original music video for the song. Believe it or not, Chance truly has the moves to be part of a boy band as he leads the Backstreet Boys at the end of the video and perfectly lands the choreography.

The Backstreet Boys appearance in the commercial is timely as the boy band recently released an album. Yes, the Backstreet Boys have been doing more than just playing their old songs and playing at events for fans that have been nostalgic for the ’90s. The band released their new album DNA on Jan. 23 and will soon be heading on tour.

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Some watch the Super Bowl for the love of football, but almost everyone watches it for the commercials. Thanks to Doritos, we can look forward to seeing some ’90s boy band nostalgia with one of today’s most talented rappers.