The New Mutants will have no reference to X-Men in preparation for MCU


After being pushed back repeatedly, the latest rumors about The New Mutants suggest that it will have no link to X-Men to prepare it for the MCU.

The New Mutants movie has had something of a rough start since it first went into production. The horror film linked to the X-Men universe has already had its release date pushed back four times! The producers have claimed that the scheduling conflicts of their stars have been to blame for the many delays. Although there really is nothing to stop them from pushing the movie back again, they have consistently stood by their current April 2020 release.

Thankfully, the latest rumor about New Mutants making the rounds has nothing to do with its release date at all. According to Fandomwire, the film’s latest edits will be to eliminate all references to 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise. Remarkably, the word ‘mutant’ won’t be a thing in the film either. Allegedly, these changes are being made to allow Kevin Feige room to incorporate The New Mutants into the MCU at a later time, possibly into Phase 5.

If these significant changes are indeed a thing, there may be some cons to consider. How will the fanbase feel about going through an X-Men-related movie with possibly no easter eggs? It might suck without any special moments to make you feel like you understood a reference no one else did. Fandomwire estimates that the X-Men easter eggs that were cut from the film were a tie-in to the Essex Corporation and Mr. Sinister that were set up back in X-Men: Apocalypse. It makes sense too, considering that Mr. Sinister is the rumored villain.

And while these edits have supposedly already taken place, the changes may cause yet another date shift. However, the chances are slim since test audiences have already reviewed the movie with positive feedback (But not without some reworking there too!) And lastly, with all the edits this film has endured I’m hoping that still there’s something left. My fingers are crossed that the editing hasn’t sabotaged the film and depleted it of its substance in the process.

However, the pros look just as good for The New Mutants. The most exciting possibility that is introduced with this news is the existence of an all-new X-Men under the MCU. Once the X-men are in the MCU, it would allow for crossovers with other Marvel characters, just maybe not the Avengers. (Though anything is possible.) And since Marvel is planning phases of movies based on various comics runs, there is still so much opportunity for these characters to appear elsewhere.

And who knows, maybe The New Mutants doesn’t need the X-Men references in order to be a good movie. It is a horror film after all and could do well embracing its dark side rather than making reference to its origins. I’m pretty sure The New Mutants will leave us with either a cliffhanger or a multitude of questions, and that’s when Feige can fill in the dots with some sequels.

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