The Lion King extended Cinemacon trailer proves it’s exactly like the original


Disney released an extended trailer for its live-action version of The Lion King at Cinemacon, and it’s everything it’s supposed to be and more.

Live action movies are dominating Hollywood as fans keep running to the theatre for the nostalgia. Disney has been one of the primary culprits that have been producing live-action versions of their classic animated movies. At Cinemacon, Disney unveiled a 5-minute trailer of their highly anticipated Lion King movie, and critics were very impressed.

The teaser starts with Simba (JD McCrary) waking up his parents Mufasa (James Earl Jones) and Sarabi (Alfre Woodard). Mufasa takes Simba outside and bonds with his son, all while explaining the importance of the circle of life.

He also shows Simba that everything the light touches will be his inherited kingdom. If you’re a fan of the animated Lion King, you’ll recognize that this is taken scene for scene from the original. Disney also had Cinemacon attendees in their feelings just by James Earl Jones lending his voice to reprise Mufasa. The clip finished off with Zazu (John Oliver), the flustered bird from the original, entering with his morning report and getting pounced on by Simba.

The Lion King is not really live-action since it relies heavily on CGI to create the “animals.” The product, however, is fascinating since they look so real and these CGI creations effortlessly recreate scenes that fans have grown to love.

From the previous trailer, we’ve been able to gather that the animals also seem pretty realistic despite the CGI. The Lion King will also have a full cast of big names voicing the animals such as Donald Glover as adult Simba, Beyoncé as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, and Seth Rogen as Pumbaa.

Some scenes from the original Lion King are must-haves for this film, and we’re crossing our fingers that director Jon Favreau has added them to his vision. The first order would be to include all of the musical ensembles from “I just can’t wait to be king” to “Can you feel the love tonight.”

We want it all, and these CGI animals have no option but to hit those high notes. Lastly, the movie should show Simba’s transformation from cub to an adult lion which also marks his adventures with Timon and Pumbaa in all their comedic glory.

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A few musical pieces, classic scenes, and the visuals that they’ve already done a bang-up job of recreating should make The Lion King a killer movie this coming summer.

The Lion King will be making its live-action debut in theaters on July 19, 2019.