A group of teens are rumored to star in the new Ghostbusters sequel


The new Ghostbusters movie is rumored to have teenagers as the main characters, and the plot will focus on a family moving back to their hometown. How will the Ghostbusters will factor into the story?

The latest Ghostbusters movie has the fan base buzzing, but with not much to work with as the film is not yet in production and the screenplay details are being kept secret. The recent announcement revealed that Jason Reitman, who is the son of the director of the original Ghostbusters, co-wrote and is directing the new movie which will take place in the same universe as the original films. The teaser featured someone trying to start off a proton pack in a barn beside a retired Ecto-1.

Even with the little that we got from the teaser announcement, theories are taking flight. However, the latest rumor is here to help add some depth to our theories. We Got This Covered has uncovered news from a trusted source claiming that the main characters will be a 13-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. Teens leading a Ghostbusters movie? I don’t know about you, but this news is giving me strong Stranger Things vibes. ( Remember when the teens dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween?)

Allegedly, the lead boy is passionate about “fantasy and conspiracy theories” and narrates life, “adding descriptive color to the people he meets.” As for the young girl, she’s smart but has a hard time interpreting and showing emotions. They describe her speech as having a “flat delivery that makes her observations humorous.” She also is very skilled in science, which is vital to the story.

WGTC also imparted a little on the plot of the new Ghostbusters stating that the film will focus on a family who moves back home to a small town. The family will learn about themselves during their journey as well as the secrets of the town. Sounds like the town may have a little ghost problem and the Ghostbusters will end up having to make a comeback. We are still are left in the dark with how this family is connected to the original Ghostbusters, and there is no official confirmation that they will be featured.

Based on the teaser trailer and this new insider info, I’d say some theories are starting to look more prevalent. For one, the teaser revealed that Ecto-1 was parked in a barn, making it likely that if these new details are true, then the family moving into the new home may just be related to a former Ghostbuster who has left the car on their property. Furthermore, the profile of the curious teen makes him a good candidate for being the one that was tinkering with the proton pack in the barn during the teaser.

Dan Aykroyd spoiled the Ghostbusters film news months ago, which is a red flag that he may have a part in the film, but there has been no official confirmation. However, cameos from the original Ghostbusters are looking more promising, since both he and Ernie Hudson both chimed in on Twitter to support Reitman’s teaser announcement. Could this mean that Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore are going to come back to the big screen one more time?

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There’s still time for more reveals as the Ghostbusters will hit theaters in summer 2020. Keeping my fingers crossed that Bill Murray makes it on board.