10 amazing moments Jeff Goldblum gifted us this year

James Corden’s “thank u, jeff” music video reminded us of all the amazing Jeff Goldblum memories this year, so we jotted them down.

Ariana Grande’s newly released “thank u, next” music video celebrated a culmination of early 2000 teen comedy movies. While fans have been obsessing over Grande’s vid nonstop, a certain Jeff Goldblum-obsessed talk show host, *cough* James Corden *cough*, made a hilarious spinoff.

We didn’t need another reason to love The Late Late Show’s James Corden, but after he parodied Grande’s video with his own, “thank u, jeff,” we really feel seen. As shameless Jeff Goldblum stans, it’s easy to see why we love Corden’s homage to the silver fox.

From GBE (Goldblum Energy for you novices) to Corden’s “thank u, jeff” burn book-esque journal (which, by the way, we’re ready to buy, Mr. Corden), we’re remind of all the reasons the Jeff Goldblum fandom is one of the best fandoms — and we have the facts to prove it.

After all, Goldblum is ranked in the 121 spot in our overall Fandom 250 rankings, and he’s in the 10th spot for celebrity fandoms. If we had a physical award to give you, Mr. Goldblum, it still wouldn’t compare to all the iconic moments and Instagram posts you have gifted us this year alone.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 10 (because he’s the 10th highest ranked celebrity fandom) Jeff Goldblum moments we were thankful for in 2018.


1. He gave us realistic expectations for cooking

Sure, The Great British Bake Off is our light-hearted guilty pleasure. However, Goldblum’s Funny Or Die cooking skit was hyper-relatable and comforting.

He might have hurt our hearts just a tinge when he said he doesn’t believe in astrology, but at least we know our fave celebrity is just like us—laughably helpless in the kitchen and with food in general.

We might not adopt Goldblum’s avocado cutting techniques anytime soon, but we’d let Chef Goldblum cook for us any day.


2. He confirmed that he, indeed, does like being called “daddy”

Whilst eating spicy wings, Goldblum revealed that he appreciates being called “daddy” and “zaddy” by his fans. So, yes, Mr. Goldblum does listen to us. Plan your thirst tweets accordingly.


3. He announced his NatGeo documentary series

It isn’t out yet, but Goldblum announced his docuseries entitled called The Curiosity of Jeff Goldblum, where he explores his curiosities, of course. The release date hasn’t been revealed yet. However, we’re excited all the same to see what perplexities Goldblum unravels.


4. The Jeff statue

Goldblum didn’t personally construct the 25-foot talk Ian Malcolm statue in London. Though, it was built in his likeness, which is why it deserves to be included in a Jeff Goldblum appreciation post.


5. He confirmed he’s a Frostmaster shipper

Yes, we’re referencing that indelible moment during the GQ Men of the Year 2018 Awards, where Goldblum got up on stage to accept his award and nearly instantly started talking about fanart between Loki and the Grandmaster being “involved in what seems to be a deeply romantic and wildly sexual relationship.”

The Frostmaster portion of his speech was entirely unprompted, but we’re grateful, nevertheless — even if we’re still a bit apprehensive about interacting with stan accounts on social media, seeing as we aren’t unconvinced that Goldblum doesn’t have a secret stan account of his own.


6. He also a confirmed Tom Hiddleston stan

In an interview during the GQ Awards 2018 with British GQ, Goldblum commended Hiddleston’s impression of himself. In true Goldblum fashion, he told the interviewer, Maya Jama, to Google Hiddleston’s appearance on the Graham Norton Show.

We stan two actors who consistently hype each other up.


7. He released his hit jazz album

After Goldblum sang a dinomite song on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in 2014, we welcome his musical prowess in any form. Thankfully, our favorite Jazzy Zaddy delivered with his debut album, The Capitol Studios Sessions.

By the way, The Capitol Studios Sessions soared to the number one spot on Billboard for Jazz and Traditional Jazz.


8. He gave us a Goldblum-y Love Actually parody

We never asked for a Goldblum-inspired Love Actually remake, but we’re glad that Full Frontal with Samantha Bee put this sketch together.


9. He answered our most searched inquiries

Based on the questions asked and the questions he answered, we still don’t know what Jeff Goldblum is doing. Whatever it is, we probably support it though.


10. He gave us some fashion advice

During a thorough celebrity profile with Instyle, Goldblum gave us some insight into how he puts together his looks, along with other wisdom into his multi-faceted career.

Frankly, Goldblum could curate a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how he continuously dons immaculate outfits, and it still wouldn’t have the same stylistic impact. Because Goldblum’s style sense can only be described as inhuman — seeing as us mere mortals can pull off wearing multiple layers of animal print. (We aren’t jealous, we’re just in awe.)

Beyond his consistently great style and his iconic quotes, 2018 was filled with much more than 10 memorable Jeff Goldblum moments.

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Not to quote James Corden, but “thank u, jeff.”  We’re excited to see what 2019 holds for the Goldblum fandom.