Jeff Goldblum will get to explore everyday curiosities in a new TV show


Want to see Jeff Goldblum just amazed by things week after week? Well, National Geographic has our Goldblum-loving hearts covered with a new show!

Love those tangents that Jeff Goldblum ends up going on? National Geographic has decided to take our fascination with the man to a whole new level! Goldblum is known for his eccentric taste and being one of the most inquisitive minds out there. So why not give him an entire show where he can show that off for all of us?

The Curiosity Of Jeff Goldblum from Nat Geo will focus on just that, where Jeff will get to examine everyday life and tell us what he finds fascinating about it. That includes anything from ice cream to toilet paper. Our question is: why didn’t someone make this show years ago? Goldblum has been an icon since his earliest appearances on the big screen. We’ve always been drawn this to magnetic being and now, more than ever, we want to know more and more about it.

The idea that Jeff Goldblum will go to a baseball game and just talk about it sounds like the kind of show that should win an Emmy. Truly, if you don’t understand the fascination with Goldblum being fascinated by things, just watch him try and answer any question he gets asked.

Usually, it results in Jeff jumping through 10 different hoops and never really even getting close to the answer the person asking was going for. And yet, we don’t even care. He’s so amazing to watch that we just could watch him sitting in a chair for hours and never be bored.

Goldblum is an enigma that we never want to figure out, and hopefully The Curiosity Of Jeff Goldblum will just continue to fascinate us as much as Goldblum is fascinated by life itself.

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Are we going to repeatedly watch this show in fascination? Yes, of course we are. Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure and one of those people we can watch for hours.