Jeff Goldblum absolutely loves Tom Hiddleston’s spot-on impression of him


Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hiddleston were at it again during a red carpet interview for the GQ Awards. During the interview, Hiddleston showed off his best Goldblum impression.

The greatest celebrity power couple out there that’s completely platonic has to be Jeff Goldblum and Tom Hiddleston. It seems since the two appeared in Thor: Ragnarok together, they’ve really grown to enjoy one another’s company. And who couldn’t, given the immense amount of charm between the two actors?

Just last week, Hiddleston presented a special award to Goldblum during the GQ Awards — and Goldblum totally let slip that he supports the fan favorite ship between his Ragnarok character, the Grandmaster, and Loki. Now that they’ve got that all on the table, it’s seems like there’s no stopping the two’s friendship.

During a red carpet interview at the GQ Awards, Hiddleston even admitted he picked up a few quirks of Goldblum’s after spending so much time with him. It always happens to the best of friends, but master impressionist Tom Hiddleston really got Goldblum’s act down pat.

“Since we both worked together on Thor: Ragnarok, I feel like a little bit of a Goldblum’s style has rubbed off on me,” Hiddleston admitted in front of a smiling Goldblum. Then, going into full Goldblum Mode, he continued by saying “What can I say, I’m just a protege. I’m just a… uh, you know… just a student,” drifting off the way Goldblum typically does, hand gestures and all.

You can see his full impersonation in the clip below, starting around the 2:05 mark:

Goldblum seemed absolutely delighted at the impression, praising it as perfect and brilliant. He even recalled impressions being Hiddleston’s thing, such as with an interview back on the Graham Norton Show where he impersonated Robert De Niro right in front of the actor.

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Given the way Avengers: Infinity War worked out, it’s sad to think that it probably won’t be possible to see the two team up again for another Grandmaster and Loki adventure. But if the two are willing to work on any other projects, we’d love to see them together. Maybe Hiddleston could make a special appearance on Goldblum’s TV show. We’re sure fans would love it.