Jeff Goldblum knows about your Loki/Grandmaster fan art and he’s totally here for it


Jeff Goldblum revealed he knows all about the Loki/Grandmaster ship, and he’s happy to talk about it — even in front of a huge audience and Tom Hiddleston himself.

When it comes to shipping and fandoms, one of the best things is when actors acknowledge they know about the ship. This doesn’t always happen very often, and this is especially true when it comes to LGBT+ ships. Unfortunately, homophobia still plays a role in this world, and big franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars have still yet to include any explicitly queer characters.

While we are still waiting for that to happen (some of our hearts are still set on Finn/Poe from Star Wars or maybe Steve/Bucky from Marvel, for example), it’s still really nice when actors from these franchises let us know they are aware of shipping, and they are totally here for it.

Jeff Goldblum’s character from Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster, is also involved in a popular internet ship, and we learned today that he knows about it and loves it.

He was recently honored at the 2018 British GQ awards. He was presented with the “Haig Club Icon Award,” and the award was given to him by none other than Tom Hiddleston. If you’re a fan of Loki and the Grandmaster in Thor: Ragnarok, you were probably already excited by this moment already (especially if you ship the two). But, then, things got even better.

After receiving his introduction by Hiddleston, Goldblum went into a bit of a blush-worthy rant about their two characters (mind you, this is an event the actual Prince of Wales attended!):

"You know we were in that movie Thor: Ragnarok, and we played Loki and Grandmaster, respectively. And, now when I go on to pathetically and obsessively my hashtag Jeff Goldblum on my Instagram account I’ve seen many, many — I don’t know if you’ve seen them, Tom — many, many sketches and renderings and cartoons of our characters involved in what seems to be a deeply romantic and wildly sexual relationship."

By this point, we are all absolutely screaming. But, it continues to get better. He wrapped up that thought by adding:

“I tell you this I cherish every single one of those, and I will for the rest of my life. Tom Hiddleston, ladies and gentlemen: a very, very tender lover. I’m sure. I’m positive.”

We are wondering what fan art he has seen, and, to be honest, we are thrilled by how chill and down with the ship he seems to be.

You can see the video of the speech here, which is worth watching for how Jeff Goldblum says these words, and also to see the cute embrace between him and Hiddleston before the speech.

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Jeff Goldblum, you are a rockstar. Thank you for making our day!