Watch Jeff Goldblum answer all your questions in his autocomplete interview


Okay so the real question is who doesn’t want to watch Jeff Goldblum answer the internet’s most burning questions about him?

The answer? Well, hopefully no one because we should all love Jeff!

In the year of 2018, one thing can be sure: We all love Jeff Goldblum. The actor, famous for his portrayal of Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park and more classics, has been in our eyes recently because of his role in Thor: Ragnarok. Honestly, whoever paired Goldblum and Taika Waititi together deserves all the happiness in the world.

Recently though, Jeff sat down with Wired to do one of their now famous interest search interviews and Goldblum’s was pretty special to say the least. First of all, we finally know exactly how tall Jeff is. (He’s 6’4″ and some change.) The questions may not be that exciting, but Goldblum, uh, finds a way to entertain us.

One of the more notorious interviewees, Goldblum is known around Hollywood fan circuits as being incredible charming and also giving bonkers answers to completely normal questions. He goes on tangents, tells stories that make little to no sense and continues to show us why he has remained one of our Internet boyfriends for the last 30 plus years.

From The Big Chill to Independence Day, Jeff has been with us through thick and thin and answering our most burning questions only made us love him more. Especially when he told the story about how he took charge when first seeing his now wife or gifting us with his “song.”

To be quite honest, we need more Jeff Goldblum in our lives so this interview is just a delight to see.

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You can see Jeff Goldblum in Thor: Ragnarok, out on DVD now. Or wait and catch him in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom coming out this summer!