We can’t keep calm about the Internet Boyfriend Bracket


Everyone has their fake boyfriends, but what happens when you pit all the internet boyfriends up against each other? Well, Off Set figured that out with their March Madness bracket.

Even our internet boyfriends aren’t safe from March Madness. Or that is that Off Set made a bracket for the internet’s favorite actors and fans aren’t exactly happy with the outcome. First of all, there is only one Chris on the list.

But more than that, it is impossible to choose between some of these men! You’re telling me I have to pick between Michael B. Jordan and Chris Evans in round one? The battle of the Human Torches? I’d rather just have them both thank you.

In my own true fashion, Sebastian Stan took the crown of my own bracket, but many fans were stumped when they had to pick between Cap and Bucky. That is if those two won their rounds. Chris had to beat out Oscar Isaac to get to that spot and SebStan took on Drake.

Obviously, fans everywhere had something to say about the bracket. Mainly, they’re complaining about how hard it is to choose. But there were some who pointed out that some of our favorites didn’t even make the cut.

One of the most surprising exceptions to the bracket were the Chrises. Chris Evans is the only one who made the list, which means there was no showdown among Pine, Hemsworth, Evans and Pratt. So really, can we can really trust this list if some of our favorite Chrises weren’t even there to fight the good fight?

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No matter which of your boyfriends won, know that you still have the ability to log onto your Tumblr or Twitter and cry about all these beautiful men whenever our hearts desire. After all, they always have our hearts.