Jeff Goldblum to become ‘Jazzy Jeff’ with jazz album debut


He’s run from dinosaurs. He’s fought against aliens. He’s even been the sexy leader of aliens. And now… Jeff Goldblum is about to get his jazz on.

Jeff Goldblum is an accomplished actor, yes. What many may not know is he is also an accomplished jazz pianist who enjoys serenading audiences with sultry tunes.

His jazz talents recently peaked the interest of Universal’s Decca Records. Label heads noticed Goldblum’s talent when he played alongside famed jazz singer Gregory Porter on the Graham Norton Show last year. This led to Goldblum signing his first record deal for a jazz album at 65.

Need a preview? Just sit back with a glass of Cab and listen…

Goldblum, who is set to star in Jurassic World this summer, has been stroking piano keys since he was a kid. Seriously though, Goldblum entertained audiences at cocktail lounges in Pittsburgh when he was just 15 years old. The thought of a teenage Goldblum playing in a smoky lounge needs to — no, has to — become a film of its own sometime soon.

Though this LP will mark Goldblum’s first record deal, he’s been playing a jazz show almost every week since the 1990s with his jazz band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Basically, when Goldblum isn’t reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm or lording over aliens as the Grandmaster, he performs with his band on Wednesday nights at The Rockwell Table and Stage jazz club in Los Angeles.

On the record deal, Goldblum says “I’m so happy to be in cahoots with the wonderful people at Decca, one of the coolest and most prestigious labels of all time.”

Decca director of A&R Tom Lewis said this of Goldblum:

"As far as I can tell, everyone loves Jeff Goldblum. He’s a fantastic jazz pianist, a great band leader and just about the loveliest man in the world. His love of jazz is infectious and whenever he plays he makes you feel very happy. If we can take Jeff’s music into people’s homes then we will be helping, in our own small way, to make the world a happier place."

Jeff Goldblum being in our homes in any capacity would make the world a happier placebut we digress.

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All we can say is this. If Life Finds A Way isn’t the title of one of Goldblum’s soon-to-come jazz albums, we’ll be disappointed. Until then, we’ll patiently wait for new tunes to come from the smooth-talkin’ silver fox with the magic hands, Jazzy Jeff.