Jeff Goldblum is impressed with the giant statue of himself in London


We aren’t the only ones to love that Jeff Goldblum statue in London! Jeff himself was impressed by it, even though he couldn’t see it in the flesh.

Jeff Goldblum has seen the news about his statue in London and we’re excited to report that he was impressed by the artwork. According to an interview with the Associated Press, Goldblum knew about the statue and didn’t actually see it in person, just through pictures.

Goldblum talked about not having any prior knowledge of the statue but of a potential tour of the statue around the world. A traveling Goldblum statue that fans can go and see whenever they like? Yes, please.

Goldblum was merely shown pictures of the statue by friends, and we have to say, what a missed opportunity. Why not send him out there to unveil the statue himself?

We have to get Jeff Goldblum to take a picture with his statue as soon as possible! Granted, in the interview, Goldblum praises the work of art that is him in statue form. He also is thankful for the love fans have for him and his Jurassic Park character, Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The statue commemorates the 25th anniversary of Jurassic Park, and of course, Goldblum’s iconic role as Malcolm, a sexy mathematician who is also very smart. He’s like one of the only people from the start who knows a park filled with dinos, despite having fences and all that, is a very bad idea. The statue depicts his famous shirtless scene after his character is thrown about by a T-Rex.

The statue has started a wave of Jeff Goldblum-inspired merchandise, like this hilarious puzzle series featuring his many famous roles. If it wasn’t already obvious, the internet loves Jeff Goldblum and we’re here for all the statues, puzzles, and Jeff Goldblum-hosted tours.

Next. You can now own and put together a Jeff Goldblum jigsaw puzzle. dark

Whether it is with his jazz album or on the big screen, Jeff Goldblum is someone we just love to see. We can’t wait to see his new television show and whatever else Goldblum has in store for us.