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Marvel Studios’ AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR..Loki (Tom Hiddleston)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..©Marvel Studios 2018

Loki series

The MCU has a serious no-spoilers policy when it comes to the tricksters, because Loki’s confirmed Disney+ series won’t actually confirm whether he’s permanently dead, if it’ll take place in the past, or if he’ll just be reborn as a different version of himself, like in his various comic cameos. As some rumors suggest, Loki’s series might focus on his mischievous adventures as a younger shapeshifter.

While Tom Hiddleston might portray the role of Loki narrating his life post-mortem, we know his benevolent narrations can easily lead to Loki conning his sister, Hela, into removing his name from the book of Hel, which gives rise to his ability to come back to life. However, newer rumors suggest that Loki could travel through time in his adventures as a young Asgardian/Frost Giant. We’re still sleuthing who might be his time-traveling companion, but we oddly hope Goose would be his time traveling sidekick for the selfish reason that we just want to see more of that orange tabby’s innate acting prowess.

While we’re still hoping the Lady Sif’s series is more than just a report, Sif could also have a cameo in the Loki series. Well, at least by a technical standpoint. Seeing as Loki literally hijacks Sif’s body in the comics, which births one of the earlier incarnations of Lady Loki, Loki’s series could play on that classic comic tale.

Beyond giving Sif a technical cameo during Loki’s younger chaotic years, it would also start to incorporate the trickster’s canon genderfluid identity, and even his bisexuality. After all, they’re critical components to his characterization, and they shouldn’t be dismissed in his on-screen adaptation (especially now that we’re getting an extended look into the likes of Loki).