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Lady Sif series

According to Discussing Film, Lady Sif has a Disney+ series underway. Like the other reported and confirmed series, the fierce Asgardian warrior would also get a $100 million budget for her limited series. Albeit, the context surrounding her series is vague; her crime-fighting prowess could showcase some Asgardian mythology as some other noteworthy comic characters.

Her show may take place after Loki banished her from Asgard… you know, while he was moonlighting as Odin. Seeing as Heimdall was able to escape from Loki while he masked himself as Odin, it also may have been possible that Sif safely escaped as well. But doing what? Well, that’s for the series to decide.

Since Enchantress (i.e., Amora) is rumored to be the primary villain in Sif’s series, the warrior might have stealthily stayed on Asgard. Amora is a magic-user and can shapeshift like the God of Mischief (among other powers), but Amora could pose as Sif’s ally during any of her innate heroic endeavors. Gaining her trust, Amora might then transition to her typical villainous role, ultimately becoming a recurring villain both in Sif’s mini-series as well as the rest of the MCU.

We don’t care about how undescriptive the details are about the Lady Sif series because we hope Amora’s proximity to Sif’s show could mean the shapeshifting Asgardian follows an interesting comic book arc. You know, that time Amora pretended to be a Valkyrie and created the Lady Liberators. Sure, she tried to kill the men on the Avengers team. However, her faux run as the leader of a women-led team could kick off the first real women-dominant team in the MCU (which we hope the real Valkyrie will construct and lead).

In a series about Lady Sif, we know the powerful protagonist will be able to take on Amora in the Ragnarok-era timeline. However, Amora’s ability to travel between dimensions would conjure up some unexpected (but welcomed) sci-fi undertones in Sif’s show.