Loki needs to have a companion in his Disney+ series because it’s only natural


The latest Loki series rumors say the show is all about time traveling, and every good time traveler needs a companion at their side.

There’s not much officially out there from Marvel and Disney about the Loki spinoff show, but recently rumored plot details are helping put things together. While the last set of rumors made us think Tom Hiddleston’s Loki would barely be in the show, the latest information makes it seem like just the opposite.

In a story put out by The Hollywood Reporter on Friday, it was revealed that Rick and Morty writer Michael Waldron would be the show’s creator and executive producer, as well as the writer for the pilot episode. THR was also able to get a few plot details from their sources, and it sounds an awful lot like Rick and Morty (and even Doctor Who):

"The show will follow Loki as the trickster and shape-shifter pops up throughout human history as an unlikely influencer on historical events."

The description for the show seems quite plausible — even if it doesn’t answer if this is Loki from the past or a living Loki post-Avengers: EndgameBut most importantly, if we’re going to have a time-traveling show, it only makes sense that they give Loki a time-traveling companion.

Just take the first two similar examples I mentioned above: Rick and Morty and Doctor Who. (Technically, there’s more “interdimensional traveling” going on than time traveling in Rick and Morty, but you’ve still got the same traveler-companion dynamic.) In both shows, the traveler is the main character, but they’re never quite alone in their journeys.

For Rick and Morty, it’s Rick who’s the traveler, usually with Morty at his side to keep him level-headed or give him a hand in battle. For Doctor Who, it’s the Doctor who travels with a number of companions to solve problems on distant planets or go back in time to experience the wonders of history.

Regardless of where they end up going, it’s clear the outcasts travel from place to place just to find meaning in their lives. And in the end, it ends up being the companions who bring meaning to their lives.

That may be a bit overly sappy, especially for a show like Rick and Morty. But it’s definitely something Loki could use on his life journey. Really, he’s no different than Rick and the Doctor. He’s certainly an outcast, and throughout his run in the MCU, he’s been trying to find his footing in this world. He’s got his conflicting identities with being a Frost Giant and Asgardian, he never truly got to be king the way he had hoped, and Thanos’ influence in his life ultimately led to his demise (possibly).

With someone else traveling by his side, they would ultimately help to keep Loki’s emotions in check and give some emotional depth and development to his character. Sure, the series can be about Loki horsing around throughout history. Maybe one day he ruins Shakespeare’s opening night and the next, he pushes a brick loose in the Great Wall of China. But who’s going to hold him responsible for his actions? There’s no such thing as time-traveling police, so it’s got to be a companion to help him recognize that actions have consequences.

Plus, just imagine how much self-worth Loki would gain if someone were to tell him you don’t have to act like an idiot to get attention; you’re valued a lot more when you act selflessly than when you act selfishly. That’s a lesson that he started to learn around Thor: Ragnarok, but it’d be great to see that character development come full circle.

When it comes to just who this companion can be, honestly, the door is wide open. While we’d love for Thor to be that guy who keeps Loki down to Earth, there hasn’t been any word that Chris Hemsworth would come back for the series. Valkyrie would be a good ally for Loki since she has no problem keeping him in check, as we saw in Thor: Ragnarok. Plus, it’d be a great way for her to eventually get her own spinoff.

Honestly, a completely original character wouldn’t be bad for this show either. As long as they’re compelling and help move Loki’s character development forward, they’ll make a good companion. And, as it is with Doctor Who, there can be multiple companions. The options really are limitless here.

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