The Russos confirm Loki’s dead but we still don’t want to believe them


The Russo brothers have gone on record to say that after Infinity War, Loki is indeed dead. But as always, we carry a healthy sense of skepticism.

Keep a stiff upper lip, Loki fandom, because we will fight through the “bad” news. Fans have wrestled with the idea that Loki could truly be dead after Infinity War, and the Russo brothers seem to be of no help during these trying times.

The two brothers appeared at a Q&A screening of Infinity War Wednesday night and answered a few of the most frequent questions that have been buzzing in fan’s minds since we first seen the movie. Part of that was answering if Loki really died this time around.

Peter Sciretta of /Film was able to keep a detailed briefing of the Q&A on Twitter and provided a quick Tweet on the Russos’ response.

As mentioned in Sciretta’s tweet, a popular fan theory that many people bought into after seeing the movie was that Bruce Banner was actually Loki in disguise. It rationalized that was the reason Banner couldn’t actually transform into the Hulk, since the illusion was all being done through Loki’s magic. But based off of what the Russos have to say, it sounds like this theory’s just been debunked.

The man behind the character, Tom Hiddleston, hadn’t been able to seriously answer the question when it was brought up to him in the past. (That’s a Marvel actor’s job, so we can’t blame him for that.) The actor gave us mixed signals when he appeared at two different comic conventions this year. At the first one, he revealed that he had known all along about Loki’s death in Infinity War. But when Culturess attended his next convention, he could only answer “your guess is as good as mine” when it comes to Loki’s fate.

Of course, through all this, fans are still pretty skeptical of what they had to say. Loki should be named Lazarus at this point for the number of times he’s risen from the dead. But at the same time, Infinity War really seemed to nail it in that he was actually dead. (Read: “No resurrections.” Thanks, Thanos.)

On Twitter, a few expressed that skepticism despite the confirmation from the directors, with one person going so far as to compare Loki to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Our verdict? Seeing is believing. Well, we technically saw him die in Infinity War. But we’re still holding out for Avengers 4 just in case. If anything, we still have the Loki miniseries coming to Disney+. And that means there will be plenty of Loki to go around in the future. Still though, Russos, why must you go and break our hearts like this?

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While this confirmation may be heartbreaking, there’s a bit of hope on the horizon. Any day now, an Avengers 4 trailer should be coming out. And that may either cheer us up entirely, or make us remember just how heartwrenching Infinity War was and Avengers 4 will be.