The Loki series has some new rumors and here’s what they could mean


Loki always seems to be in a state of uncertainty, and the rumors surrounding the trickster’s upcoming Disney+ series aren’t going to help us figure out Loki’s fate after Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame.

Some marvelous rumors have flourished around the impending Disney+ streaming platform. From a potential Lady Sif series to rumors that each series will have a $100 million budget, even without the lack of confirmation about the complete Disney+ lineup, the plots, or the budgetary restraints, there’s still a lot to get us hyped for the content on the new platform. Beyond the whispers of other shows joining the Disney+ roster, the rumored Loki series plot has us intrigued and concerned for the God of Mischief.

That Hashtag Show reported that there are a couple of detailed rumors surrounding both the Loki series, as well as Vision and The Scarlet Witch series. Based on the speculations, the series won’t allude to any potential resurrections for the Odinson (or lack thereof).

According to the rumors, Tom Hiddleston wouldn’t actively portray Loki in the series, at least not in a visible role. If true, he would actually narrate the series as he likely reminisces on his life, meaning we could see a younger Loki (played by another actor) appear in the series and potentially unravel some more Norse mythology adapted into the production.

Despite the narrative approach to the series, it’ll likely mean that we’ll get to see brand new adventures from Loki, versus retellings of moments we’ve seen in movies. It could also mean the series won’t be a post-mortem homage to the Prince of Asgard. Even if it is portrayed as a eulogy for Loki told by the trickster himself, that doesn’t mean this series will be the last time we see him.

After all, Tom Hiddleston did tell us not to worry about the series, and we trust him not to deceive us. Setting up his titular show as a prequel of his life, before Loki met Thanos’ pre-decimation snap, would be an idealistic way for the streaming universe to continue to allude that Loki (at least this version of Loki) is dead.

If the rumors are true, and the series does follow a younger form of the character as Hiddleston narrates the story, the series could use this as an opportunity to implicitly introduce Kid Loki. Just as Loki isn’t very good at stabbing Eternals, he also isn’t proficient in staying dead.

We might not have seen him physically erase his name out of the book Hel or convince Hela to remove his name from the book in the movies (and we might never see that scene), but he has a comic book history of dying only to be reborn into a new incarnation of himself… or “themselves,” seeing as there are so many variations of Loki.

Introducing Kid Loki as an actual character or just referencing his comic counterpart would be a way for the MCU and Disney+ to address his proclivity for recurring resurrections.

If the series does adapt Kid Loki, or any other version of the multi-titled Asgardian, as a main character, it obviously would lead to more stories beyond just what the movies hold. Using the series to show that the God of Mischief can not only take on many forms but also be reborn would also show that the Russos didn’t technically lie about Loki’s death.

Granted, the death of one version of Loki doesn’t mean that the character actually died or that we won’t see him conjure up any of his old forms again. And seeing as there is still a lot of ambiguity thanks to Avengers: Endgame, we can probably expect these rumors to stay unconfirmed for a while.

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Rumors about the Loki series aside, we’re staying receptive about the upcoming series and the fate of Schrödinger’s shapeshifter until we get a chance to watch the series ourselves.