There are already some theories about a Captain Marvel sequel


There are some rumors about Carol Danvers’ future at Marvel Studios, and we have some theories about one of our favorite Skrull-punching Captain Marvel and her potential sequel.

There are less than 50 days until we finally get to see Carol Danvers turn Binary, fight Skrulls… and possibly travel through space and time (according to Samuel L. Jackson). Given the ever-changing appearances of the shapeshifting colonizers, we have an endless list of which heroes might be Skrulls.

But we aren’t the only people with theories about Captain Marvel. Earlier last year, The Hollywood Reporter shared that a Captain Marvel sequel film apparently has a place in the MCU’s future — including several slated appearances for Captain Marvel in the MCU. And that’s led to a lot of speculation about what’s next for Carol Danvers.

Despite the preemptive rumors that Brie Larson has a seven-movie contract with Marvel Studios, Larson refuted those rumors in a tweet, which means Carol still has an unclear future in the MCU. Larson’s tweet left more questions to be asked, though, since she never clarified which part of the report was untrue.

Based on her well-deserved hype alone, we’re sure that she’ll secure a rightful trilogy. Yet, we may just have to wait for an intentional leak from the Marvel Studios’ unofficial PR Director, Tom Holland, before we hear any definitive news about any post-Phase 3 Flerken, Skrull, or Kree-hybrid cameos.  Granted, Larson’s future in the MCU could still be covertly secured, even despite the quashed reports about her contract.

As Charles Murphy of That Hashtag Show notes, Captain Marvel might have a spot in MCU’s 2022 film lineup. Carol’s potential sequel is likely reliant on the success of her first time. With early projections that Captain Marvel could join the $1 billion box office club, a Captain Marvel sequel might not be an adventurous hope after all. (Especially since Marvel Studios, the authority on misdirection and secrecy, could already have a sequel planned.)

Murphy adds that Carol is critical for the end of Phase 3, and any following Captain Marvel movies will help bolster the post-decimation MCU. Naturally, we have some ideas on who and what might be included in any follow-up films, as well as where it might be set. Obviously, our theories are hypothetical because we like to preplan our fan theories far into the future.

Since the first Captain Marvel film is set in the 1990s and time travel has been referenced in multiple Avengers: Endgame theories and by the Nick Fury actor himself, any sequel film could incorporate a split timeline between the ’90s and a present-day setting.

With or without excursions through the timeline, a second Captain Marvel flick would likely be set sequentially after Avengers: Endgame. This chronological order would give the MCU the chance to introduce new heroes and even new teams. Since Captain Marvel isn’t the only heroic moniker Carol Danvers has used, another film could introduce the Ms. Marvel mantle, either through Carol’s transformation from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel — or directly to introducing us to Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, who looks up to Carol.

Yes. We can multitask. We’re still finalizing our fan theories for Carol’s upcoming MCU debut while also theorizing her tentative sequel that Marvel Studios hasn’t even announced yet. Call us impatient, but we really just love any and all comic book movies, so we’re always rutting for their continual success.

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Regardless of Carol’s role in Kamala’s life or any new teams or alliances like the Champions or the Carol Corps, Captain Marvel is definitely worthy of at least a second film (but we’re hoping for a trilogy and beyond).