The Young Avengers are rumored to join the MCU and fans already have opinions


It would seem out of character for the MCU if there weren’t a plethora of rumors about potential productions. Beyond the growing Disney+ series hype, there are rumors Marvel could be prepping the Young Avengers for an MCU debut.

We know. There are so many rumors about potential MCU productions and Disney+ television series that we need a cheat sheet to keep track of the growing list. We Got This Covered reports that there might be a Gamora and Nebula show coming to Disney’s streaming service. Then there are the reports from the Russo brothers that the MCU is preparing to add some mutants to the future phases. It’s a lot to digest. But on top of that, there are now rumors that the Young Avengers could be joining the MCU, too.

According to, it’s rumored that Marvel is preparing a Young Avengers film. Though there aren’t many details regarding the Young Avengers claims, adds that the rumors include Teddy Altman (Hulkling), Iron Lad (likely Nate Richards), Patriot (with no specification on which Patriot), Billy Kaplan (Wiccan), Cassie Lang (Stature), and Vision.

While a lot of the members of the Young Avengers are present in the rumors, some favorite team members weren’t name dropped. Namely, America Chavez (Miss America) and Tommy Shepherd (Speed).

Given the members mentioned in the rumors, the Young Avengers film would likely follow Allan Heinberg’s 2005 comic run of the titular team — which could account for America’s absence in the rumors. However, that still wouldn’t explain why Tommy isn’t in the reports. But we know Marvel is always secretive even in regards to its rumored productions.

The list of rumors characters in the Young Avengers cinematic lineup might not be exhaustive. Given certain films in the MCU are amalgams of extended comic book events, particularly Avengers: Infinity War, the rumors film could draw inspiration from events in both the 2005 and 2013 comic runs of Young Avengers. Some of that cross-media inspiration could lead the production to merge certain team members from different versions of Young Avengers.

The speculations about the Young Avengers movie might be young, but fans already have distinct opinions it. Some fans are particularly apprehension about the omission of Tommy in the rumor.

Given the Vision and Scarlet Witch series on Disney+, it wouldn’t make sense for any films involving Vision and Wanda’s kids, Tommy and Billy, to leave out one of their children. Granted, Avengers: Endgame still leaves the MCU’s future very open, because if any of the time travel theories are correct, then Endgame could erase certain heroes from MCU’s past, present and future.

In our opinions though, Tommy is vital to the team because he continuously amps up everyone in his found family. And, we aren’t the only people who recognize that Tommy is a critical member of the team.

Other fans have pointed out that without America Chavez, the production would erase a lesbian, Afro-Latina character from its narrative.

We aren’t sure how this potential production would bridge the gap from Avengers to Young Avengers, but there is a lot to work with, and the team would finally introduce openly LGBTQ+ characters in the MCU.

Since Teddy has a lot of history with Skrulls, Super Skrulls, being half-Skrull, and being a founding member of the Young Avengers team, any titular film could put Hulkling as its focal character. Especially with the continual rumors on a Secret Invasion event crossing over to the MCU,

Though vague, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has briefly talked about the Young Avengers joining the MCU in the past, as Heroic Hollywood notes. During the interview with Heroic Hollywood, Feige suggests that Power Pack or Young Avengers could be integrated into the MCU thanks to Cassie Lang.

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There’s still a lot of time before any new heroic alliance forms in the MCU, but we’re hopeful that even members of the Young Avengers team will get a well-deserved origin story and arc in the cinematic universe.