Captain Marvel poster offers Easter egg pointing to Chewie being in the movie


While much of the excitement for Captain Marvel has been over the newly released trailer, for eagle-eyed fans, the first poster also offered up a fun Easter egg.

On Tuesday, Marvel fans were treated to not one, but two surprises for the upcoming Captain Marvel movie. Not only did they get the first official trailer for the film, but they also got the very first movie poster as well.

Front and center of the new poster is Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, in full costume standing in the door of an airplane hangar. And beyond the movie name at the bottom of the poster, there are also the words, “higher, further, faster.”

However, while the poster is relatively simple, there is one fluffy Easter egg that eagle-eyed fans can see in the bottom left corner. And while the bottom of the poster is a bit darker than the rest of the scene, if you look closely, you can see the back-end of what is clearly a cat. (You can zoom into the poster by seeing the image here.)

If you are a fan of the comics, then you know exactly what seeing the cat in the corner might mean: Chewie. For those unfamiliar with the comics, Chewie is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel’s cat, which happens to be a Flerken feline. Flerken’s are alien creatures who look like Earth cats but are actually much more dangerous.

Although, one thing could change about this alien creature from the comics. Back in August, speculated that Chewie might not be the cat’s (or Flerken’s) name in the actual movie. As they point out, during a Captain Marvel-themed party, one of the treats were decorated with a nametag. But instead of Chewie, the name “Goose” appeared instead.

Considering in the comics the character is named Chewie after the Star Wars character, but the fan event had the name Goose posted, it is possible that there could be a few changes made for the movie.

Whatever name the Flerken goes by in Captain Marvel, seeing the cat make an appearance in the new poster for the movie is certainly a good sign for fans of the comics. Of course, there are still some questions about Chewie’s involvement in the upcoming movie, including whether he will simply be a regular Earth cat (like the early comics made it seem), or if he will be an alien with the ability to transport himself (like later comics revealed thanks to an interaction with the Guardians of the Galaxy).

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We can only hope that this Easter egg is a real sign of Chewie still being a Flerken in Captain Marvel. Considering he made his way onto the very first poster for the movie, it seems likely that the cat will play a bigger role in the film than an ordinary cat might. So, fingers crossed that when the movie hits theaters on March 8 that Chewie really is an alien cat.