Roswell ends season 3 by setting the stage for a love triangle featuring Kyle Valenti

Roswell ended the third season with a bang, but the most exciting thing to come out of the season as a whole might just have to do with Kyle Valenti. While Kyle is not an alien, he has had a major impact on the third season and the entire series overall. And in the third season, he not only seemed to get a lot more screen time for a change, but we also saw some sparks fly between him and Isobel!

That’s right, Kyle Valenti and Isobel Evans might just be our next ‘ship on Roswell. Now that Liz and Max, as well as Michael and Alex, seem to have their acts together to move forward as couples, it is time for Isobel to get her romance.

And while I think Kyle and Isobel would be great together, there is a small problem with that situation – the fact that Isobel is already dating someone.

In the final moments of Season 3, we saw Kyle and Isobel nearly have a moment and then the woman she has been seeing, Anatsa, shows up with some exciting news. It is a star-crossed lovers-type scene that is setting the stage for a possible love triangle in Season 4 and I am here for it!

Roswell Season 3 ends with Kyle Valenti losing out on another chance to spark a romance with Isobel

Season 3 finally gave Kyle Valenti a chance to shine and prove that he is as much a needed member of the Roswell crew, as he is a part of the family. Kyle has had a long journey over the first three seasons because he has had to come to terms with who he is outside of the shadows of his parents.

We saw Kyle embrace his destiny and were reminded that at multiple points he has been people’s conscience and even therapist. He has been there for every single person in his circle, whether that is Liz (with who he was already part of a love triangle), Max, or Isobel. And he has simply been a friend.

At this point, we want Kyle to be happy. And if that means having him be in a relationship with Isobel, we want that for him. But, we also want the star-crossed lovers to act for some added drama too. We want to see him work for Isobel.

It’s time for Kyle and Isobel to get their push-pull romance moments. And if that happens to mean these two being part of a love triangle, then we can’t wait for Season 4.

What do you think of Kyle and Isobel together? Do you want to see a love triangle storyline in Season 4? Do you think these two would be a good couple? And what do you want to see more of when it comes to Kyle Valenti on Roswell? We need to know.