Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles are being made into films for Netflix

Are you a fan of Rick Riordan’s the Kane Chronicles? Well, we have good news! The book trilogy will be coming to Netflix as a trio of movies.

Rick Riordan truly is the king of mythology. In 2005, he gained recognition for creating Percy Jackson, a Greek demigod with ADHD and was inspired by one of his sons. In 2010, the first book in a trilogy based on Egyptian mythology entitled The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid was released with two more novels, Throne of Fire, and Serpent’s Shadow followed in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Now, the rights to the books have been given to Netflix to be made into films according to a recent article by Entertainment Weekly.

The Kane Chronicles will not be the first time Riordan’s books have been turned into films. In 2010, a film adaptation of the first Percy Jackson novel, The Lightning Thief was released while 2013, gave us a film version of Sea of Monsters.

These movies didn’t go down well with Riordan or fans of the books. Rick referred to the films as his ‘life’s work going through a meat grinder’ if an article by Entertainment Weekly is any indication. In just the past few months however, it has been revealed that a more accurate telling of the books will be made into a television series for Disney+, according to Looper.

Enter the Kane Chronicles

The Kane Chronicles tells the tale of siblings Carter and Sadie Kane, who, after the death of their mother Ruby are total strangers to each other and forced to team up to stop Apophis.

Carter travels the world with father Julius, an Egyptologist while sister Sadie resides in London with her and her brother’s maternal grandparents, the Fausts who blame their son-in-law for their daughter’s death. They take in their granddaughter due to how much she looks like her mother but refuse to take their grandson because he reminds them of his father.

After Julius goes missing, Carter and Sadie join forces with their Uncle Amos to find him. They both become the hosts of two Egyptian deities. Carter hosts Horus while Sadie hosted Isis.

There is currently no known date for the film trilogy’s release or when it will enter production.

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