Mercy is easily Sara Cate’s best from the Salacious Players Club

Mercy by Sara Cate. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca.
Mercy by Sara Cate. Image Courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca. /

Mercy is the latest re-release for Sara Cate with Sourcebooks Casablanca and what a book to discover.

If you’re new to Sara Cate or the Salacious Players Club, each book follows a co-owner of a sex club. The first three books have followed different characters as they all get into relationships and each explores a different kink.

Heading into the fourth book, I was feeling slightly defeated but I ended up deciding to go in with an open mind and boy am I glad I did. Even though the book followed a previously disliked character, Mercy was a treat.

I am not shy in saying that Mercy is easily my favorite of the Salacious Players Club series and I’m so happy Sourcebooks Casablanca decided to send me an ARC so thank you to the publisher for that.

Mercy by Sara Cate is the best of the Salacious Players Club series.

When it comes to favorite books in the series, I didn’t think anything could top Praise yet Mercy did exactly that. This book already had a few points against it as it’s Beau’s story who is Emerson’s son and Charlie’s ex from Praise. It’s clear he needs to do a lot of growing up and in this book, he does that.

Sara Cate is able to redeem him with the help of Maggie. As the only female owner of the Salacious Players Club, Maggie is in a predicament. She thinks she’s not kinky until she takes a quiz to find out her kink and she finds out she’s a domme. Of course, Beau also takes the quiz and the two eventually decide to meet up.

While the two seem like an unlikely pair, they can’t seem to stay away from each other and it ends up being a delicious and healthy romance between the two. From their first interaction, it’s clear Maggie and Beau are meant for each other. Regardless of that, Sara Cate does an excellent job of allowing these characters to grow and change.

The character development for Beau is honestly so great and part of the reason why I couldn’t put this book down. I absolutely fell in love with this book and couldn’t put it down once I started. If you’ve been dragging your feet on reading Mercy, you have to pick it up as it includes characters who are new to kink, those who are a work in progress and just need some tender love and care in the best way.

Mercy is easily my new favorite book within the Salacious Players Club and I can’t wait to see what Sara Cate decides to tackle next.

Mercy by Sara Cate is out now in paperback at your favorite bookstore.

Will you be grabbing a copy of Mercy by Sara Cate for your shelves?!

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