Book Spotlight: A Single Soul by L.A. Witt is magical romantic drama at its finest

A Single Soul by L.A. Witt book cover. Image courtesy of L.A. Witt
A Single Soul by L.A. Witt book cover. Image courtesy of L.A. Witt /

Sometimes you just want to read something different. And with TikTok pushing any number of what they consider to be the “popular” books, it can be hard to find something that fits what you want to read. Luckily for those of us who enjoy both paranormal and gay romances, we have the perfect book choice thanks to L.A. Witt and her recent release of A Single Soul.

Although it was released in October, A Single Soul is perfect for all-year reading if you want a fun, sexy, paranormal romp with plenty of mischief. After all, this may be a paranormal romance, but it has so much more in store for us. And thanks to two main characters loaded with personalities of their own, the literal angel and demon on the shoulders of one of our leading men never overshadows the romance that is brewing.

But wait! What do I mean about an angel and a demon? Well, I did say this was a paranormal romance!

A Single Soul brings humor to a paranormal romance that features drama and mistakes made

Single Soul
A Single Soul by L.A. Witt book cover. Image courtesy of L.A. Witt /

To best do the story justice, check out this small portion of the blurb from the back of the book (or well, that you can find on Amazon too).

"Matt Russo knows better. Everyone does, but no one knows better than an attorney who routinely works with the fae: you watch what you say, or else you find yourself in the crosshairs of trickster magic.Or in this case, with an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other. And the ridiculous bickering celestial beings aren’t going anywhere until they help him change his perpetual single status. Worse, if someone finds out he used magic for any kind of gain, his personal and professional reputations might never recover."

It sounds good, right? But that’s not even the entire blurb and honestly, even this short description doesn’t do justice to the story on the whole.

There is just something about Matt that makes you want to root for him. And while he certainly has issues, who doesn’t? I honestly found his interactions with not only his shoulder fae but also with the other leading man, Cory, to be so engaging and in a lot of cases quite fun.

If you are a fan of L.A. Witt, then you already know that typically she is all about bringing the angst to any situation and while there is some angstiness in this story, there is also plenty of humor, heat, and sweetness. This has it all and it is wrapped up in a story that runs just about 157 pages.

I have always been a big fan of Witt’s work and own quite a few of her books in paperback, so I was excited to see this story hit Amazon in October. And even though I had to wait to enjoy it, I think it was worth the wait.

If you want something fun, spicy, and with characters you won’t want to walk away from (and you love paranormal romances), then you need to give A Single Soul a read.

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