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Eternals movie

Unless the multiple MCU films that are currently in post-production give us an openly gay hero, The Eternals film is projected to showcase the MCU’s first lead gay character, who’s rumored to be a hero in the upcoming film.

Although we still don’t know much about the confirmed MCU movie, we do know it will feature Sersi, Ikaris, and Piper, thanks to That Hashtag Show. Since Sersi is a more villainous Eternal (after all, not every Eternal is bad, despite Thanos’ reputation in the universe), her character development in the upcoming movie could set up an extended arc for her and other Eternals.

See, Sersi has developed some heroic friends his her lengthy lifetime, and they eventually convince her to join the Avengers team. She even had a somewhat normal life, before she befalls the legend about Eternals: that their long life makes them develop varying mental health conditions.

While the Mad Titan myth is true for most Eternals, it also explains the humanoid-creatures often routine shift from the heroic alliance to a more nefarious one. Sersi undergoes an expedited journey through the genetic Eternal illness, but her on-screen arc could dictate the Eternals’ future in the cinematic universe.

Like the Eternals’ shift from to villainous actions, they’re also weird, as evidenced by Jack Kirby’s design of the ancient intergalactic beings. Regardless of how the MCU interprets the Eternals, we’re just ready for the expansive and weird worldbuilding that comes with these aliens.