Eternals will supposedly feature MCU’s first openly gay male lead character


The Marvel Cinematic Universe may be featuring its first openly gay character in the upcoming Eternals films, and he could be portrayed by an openly gay actor as well.

From Korg to Loki to Valkyrie, there are multiple MCU characters who are openly LGBTQ in the Marvel Comic multiverse. We have yet to see any tangible LGBTQ representation in the MCU. However, an upcoming Eternals film will finally give rise to the first openly gay character in the cinematic universe, and it’s about time.

According to That Hashtag Show, the MCU is finally prepared to cast its first openly gay superhero.  Since the Eternals film is reportedly scheduled to start filming later this year (in September), Marvel’s search for its next hero is underway — one who will arguably be a hero off-screen for a lot of viewers, too.

That Hashtag Show shared the following for what that casting call looks like:

"An actor, 30-49, who “physically looks like a superhero” for one of the film’s leads. While the studio is open to actors of all ethnicity, they would prefer the role to go to an openly gay actor."

Marvel Comics has long since showcased dozens of LGBTQ superheroes, and a lot of them have their own titular comic runs or they’re a major character in a team run. However, Marvel Studios has only stated, albeit vaguely, that open LGBTQ representation is on its way to the cinematic universe — at least until this hopeful news about the Eternals film.

Since Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said back in July that out LGBTQ characters are on their way to the MCU, this unnamed Eternal character could be one of the characters he vaguely referenced.

Given the rumors and subsequent fan-led skepticism about the Young Avengers’ potential debut in the MCU, the fact that the MCU is finally incorporating a prominent gay character in the Eternals movie could give fans new hope that Marvel will rightfully portray the team of primarily LGBTQ heroes as being, well, LGBTQ.

There’s no denying that mindful on-screen representation matters. From LGBTQ representation with Karolina and Nico on Marvel’s Runaways, to Larry on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, and Klaus on The Umbrella Academy (as well as many other comic media productions), showcasing gay superheroes is an example of some the broadest and most visible forms of positive LGBTQ visibility.

Actually showing younger viewers, and viewers who might not be out about their sexuality yet, an opportunity to see themselves in a heroic on-screen portrayal can allow gay comic fans a chance to benefits from on-screen representation — as long as it’s devoid of stereotypes, of course — especially since representation can have psychologically proven benefits.

Marvel is supposedly looking for an openly gay actor to portray the currently unnamed character. Casting a gay actor to portray a gay character gives that actor a chance to use their lived experience to ensure the film doesn’t incorporate any negative stereotypes about real-life gay people.

More importantly, it gives younger fans an opportunity to look up to a real-life hero in the broadest sense of the word, because on-screen representation reaches far past the actual screen. Frankly, we’re ready to see that positivity for the younger generation of comic book movie fans.

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Despite the character’s ambiguous name and less-than-specific role in the Eternals movie, he will be vital a lead character in the heroic team of godly humanoids created by the Celestials. Even though we don’t know the character’s name, powers, or backstory, we’re already hoping that Marvel Studios will create a trilogy with his character.