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Shang-Chi. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Shang-Chi movie

As Deadline reports, Marvel is already looking for Asian directors and Asian leads for the upcoming Shang-Chi film. Born in China, Shang-Chi made his comic book debut in the early ’70s. While he was a notable role in the Heroes for Hire team, he’s also been known to help Spider-Man with his heroic endeavors.

Since the Web-Slinger already exists in the MCU, we could see Shang-Chi help him with some missions (after he gets his rightful origin story of course). Aside from aiding Spider-Man in battle, we hope he’ll join the Avengers team. While his comic incarnation doesn’t officially join the Avengers until after the Avengers vs. X-Men arc, we hope he’ll join the Avengers Initiative early.

Apart from his affiliation with the Avengers, Shang-Chi opens another realm of stories, villains, and comic arcs for the MCU. Since Shang-Chi will be the first lead Asian superhero in the MCU, we’re ready to see his upcoming franchise flourish, both in the form of a trilogy, and a crossover Disney+ series. Seriously, we don’t just want to see him help the Avengers fend off the next big bad after Thanos, we’re ready to see Shang-Chi’s expansive comic arcs come to life in the MCU, from Avengers World to Spider-Island.