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Richard Rider (Nova). Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Nova movie

According to IGN (and Adam McKay), Marvel Studios is still tinkering with a Nova film. Despite the vague hints from various Marvel news regarding a potential Champions film, this Nova movie would focus on Richard Rider, instead of Sam Alexander (who’s Nova on Champions team).

Given the current state of the MCU and the universe in general, any Nova production probably won’t future the Nova Corp in its prime. After Xander’s destruction, which Thanos destroyed to get the Power Stone in Infinity War, Richard will have to help rebuild the Nova Corp.

Seeing as one of the primarily Nova Corp bases is set on Xander to protect the stone, most of the Novas were probably killed by the Children of Thanos and the overall carnage from Thanos. Likewise, the comics paint an important narrative where Richard’s Nova predecessor, Rhomman Dey, ended up on Earth and gave Richard his powers and the Nova duties in his dying moments. A similar fate and concurrent origin story could echo throughout the potential Nova movie.

Rebuilding the Nova Corp and its bases could easily transition to Richard recruiting Sam Alexander at the end of the rumored Nova film (or a sequel).