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Ravagers show

Like sequels, prequels consistently get compared to the original film, and it can be tough to compete with the original production because film-based nostalgia doesn’t exist in a bubble. Despite what others might think, we love prequels. They give you more context into the original story and timeline, and they can expand on previously existing characters — or even add new ones that add another dynamic to the worldbuilding or interpersonal character dynamics. Therefore, you can probably guess we’re biasedly already rooting for the rumored Ravagers prequel series.

While the Ravager’s pre-decimation storyline could easily interject between the Rocket and Groot series and the Gamora and Nebula show, the mercenaries’ series would help supplement any of their additional Disney+ featurettes and their ongoing MCU lore.

Given every Marvel character’s comic book origins, there are nearly infinite stories to tell—and that’s just based on stories that have already been told in the comics. However, a Ravagers series could add a quirky element to the divergent lineup or rumored Disney+ shows. Since the Ravagers are a bunch of space mercenaries, the series could focus on an anthological approach to their various intergalactic side missions. Plus, we could see more of Yondu before he met his demise in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Since the Ravagers aren’t adverse to trouble or mayhem, their show could present various different side-stories geared toward a younger audience. Who wouldn’t be entertainment by a bunch of intergalactic mercenaries going on missions and collecting bounties?