Titans fans: Everything you can do while waiting for season 2

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Organize your fan theories

Whether your theories are in your Twitter drafts, a section of your bullet journal, or in a running Google Doc, we know you have more than just a few theories about Titans and the upcoming season. Don’t worry: You’re among fellow fans. You can admit that keeping up with your fan theories has gotten a little out of hand.

The sometimes-awkward limbo between scenes gives you a chance to finalize your theories about Trigon’s upcoming fate or anything involving the rumored new family drama in the series. Color code your journals. Hyper-analyze all the episodes in season 1 for the fifth, sixth, and seventh time.

Rally all your group chats for any second opinions on your theories. After all, fandom-related hypotheses are better with a group effort. Well, that isn’t a guarantee, but they’re at least more fun that way.

Don’t forget to finalize your predictions on when Dick Grayson will say “Titans together” or when the team will actually call themselves the Titans, let alone a team. Make those theories your own. They’ll probably change multiple times before DC Universe even unveils the first promo image for season 2, but that’s part of any fan theory’s natural lifecycle. Embrace it.