Titans fans: Everything you can do while waiting for season 2

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Create fan edits and GIFs

Starting your between-seasons vacation with some fan edits is an immense endeavor. If you’re just starting your nonpaying fan-edit side hustle, there are some ways you can get some fiery Kory and Gar edits before season 2 finishes filming.

Between your regularly scheduled Titans rewatching sessions, YouTube tutorials can help you start to make sense of how to make a Jason Todd-themed fan edit, complete with clips from Titans episode 6 and panels from Red Hood and The Outlaws that transition between scenes. From there, you just have to choose a song and your preferred video editing app.

If you see an effect that you want to attempt and eventually master so you can give your favorite Titans character some justice in your edit, ask your fellow fan edit creators. Seriously, the worst reaction you can get is well…. getting no answer. Or spontaneously blocked. We know stan Twitter can get complicated, but we doubt it will escalate to that.

As for GIFs, Giphy has a user manual practically built in, after you hit the “create” button of course. Migrating a link from the DC Universe apps might be tricky, so your GIFable options might be limited to trailers and any promo footage on YouTube. Like the resourceful fan you are, you’ll still be able to make some (or a lot of) GIFs for every character on Titans. Yes, that includes Trigon, too.