Titans fans: Everything you can do while waiting for season 2

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Create fan art

Art is a broad term. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, doodler, illustrator, sculptor or any relevant artsy moniker, there are a lot of ways you can celebrate your Titans fandom in a creative fashion.

Redecorate your bulletin board with photos of the Titans cast in character and mixed them with some Teen Titans comic panels. Create some custom Funko Pop!s until season 2 debuts on DC Universe (or until Funko finally recognizes that the Titans deserve their own vinyl bobbleheads). Otherwise, pretend the dreadfully cold winter doesn’t exist as you paint a summery family portrait of the team.

You can draw some of your favorite scenes or some of your dream comic moments that you’d love to see turned into TV moments. Granted, you don’t need to doodle a detailed battle between the Titans and Trigon. Use your pen, pencil, clay or otherwise to express your headcanons. Regardless of what Titans-themed art you make, it’ll be a productive side of your nerdiness (not that reading comics, making fan video edits, or anything else isn’t productive because they definitely are).

Plus, sketching your dream Titans battles and paint the team on an old denim jacket will keep you distracted from the fact that its been weeks since you’ve seen any new Titans episodes. We know. Now that’s all you’re thinking about again, and we’re sorry for mentioning it.